The Do's and Don'ts of Vegas

Las Vegas can be a fun and exciting city for travelers of all ages, genders and cultures. The city possesses some of the finest night-life, restaurants, entertainment and opportunities for adventure anywhere in the world. Las Vegas does, however, have an ugly side. Beyond the fancy hotels and colorful lights of the Strip, there are hotels where you would never want to stay, and restaurants you would never want to patronize. To maximize your enjoyment of the city, it is important to do as much research as possible about what Las Vegas has to offer.

Do: Plan Ahead a Little
Spontaneity is something that Las Vegas travelers relish, but not enough planning can land you in a situation you simply don't want to experience. Booking a hotel room ahead of time can save you money and hassle on your vacation. Room prices can be sky high if you decide to book your stay when you arrive. Even worse, your first choices may be completely booked, forcing you to stay in hotels that offer far less luxurious accommodations than you had hoped. Don't find yourself questioning what those stains are on the bed sheets; plan ahead and book a room in advance.

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Don't: Go to a Buffet Blind
Buffets are the most common type of restaurant in Las Vegas. Nearly every hotel has one, and cheap standalone buffets are scattered all across the city. Some of these buffets have the finest selection of seafood, slow-roasted meats and appetizers you will ever see or taste, but others contain food that you wouldn't feed to your dog. The best way to find the good buffets is to carefully examine any restaurant reviews you can find. Most buffets in major hotel-casinos have decent food. The places you see advertising a $3.99 prime rib buffet should be avoided.

Do: Go to a Show
One thing that Las Vegas has that few other cities do is fabulous live entertainment. From top-quality magic acts and live bands, to world-famous comedians and state-of-the-art Cirque Du Soleil shows, there is enough entertainment in Las Vegas to last you countless visits. Ticket deals can be found in a variety of places; many casinos give away complimentary tickets to people who gamble frequently.

Don't: Gamble Above Your Means
The prospect of coming away from Las Vegas a big winner is exciting, but it's important to remember that all the fancy casinos on the Strip were not built by giving away money to the players. Every single casino game is designed to make the house money. More people leave Las Vegas broke than rich, and everyone over time is a loser. These facts shouldn't discourage you from having fun at the slot machines or table games, but determine before you leave how much you can afford to lose, and don't gamble beyond that limit.

Do: Rent a Vehicle
If you're looking to explore the city, a personal vehicle is the best way to get around Las Vegas. Taxis can get expensive, and the city's only train line has a limited number of stops along the east side of the Strip. All resorts and casinos have complimentary parking, making driving affordable and convenient. If you are staying on the Strip, and you're not planning on venturing very far from your hotel, avoiding a rental car is fine. Shuttle service to and from the airport is affordable and convenient.

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