The CBA of Austerity Business Cuts

If you’re running a business at the moment, then you know all about how the economic conditions have affected you.  With less money going around, your sales may have suffered and your profits dropped, so you need to find a way to make those austerity cuts that can really make a difference to your company.  Instead of just laying people off, which may not be practical and could actually have an adverse effect on your business, there are some alternatives to consider.  You could call them A, B and C, or the other way around.

C is for Cars
If you’re a business who has to travel around to meet clients and transport them, then you could well be providing your employees with company cars.  Well, how about doing away with that and looking into business car leasing.  Leasing business cars has become a lot easier in recent times thanks to the economic situation.  Many different companies have sprung up offering you cheap alternatives to the traditional company car.  The idea is that, instead of providing your employee with a company car that they will use every day but will only really use on company business once a month, you lease a business car as and when it is needed.  You save on the upkeep of your fleet and only have to worry about when transport is necessary.

The CBA of Austerity Business Cuts

 B is for Bulk
As well as leasing business cars, another way of saving cash for your company is with bulk orders.  It may seem simple, but so many companies order things like paper, pens and general office equipment as and when it is needed.  Instead of this, spend a large chunk of one month’s budget on buying large quantities of everything you’re going to need for the year.  While you’re likely to make a loss that month, the savings you’ll make by buying such large quantities will save you money come the end of the year.

A is for Aims
To go along with the tangible business car leasing and bulk purchases, aims may seem a bit wishy-washy but it is probably the most important of all.  Defining a clear aim that you want to reach for the year is something all businesses do when they are monitoring their profits but it is so often forgotten about when it comes to cuts.  Instead of simply cutting this and that, set out a plan: you want to make £10,000 worth of cuts, so set it out as your stated aim and measure your progress every month.  Just by putting it down in writing you’re going to find it easier to stick to as that number gives you something to concentrate upon.

If you are going to make cuts then it’s best to look at all the possible alternatives before laying off staff.  One of these has to be company cars, whether you like it or not and with the quality of business car leasing these days, you’re probably going to be better off anyway.

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