The big move in 2013

Christmas is a time for wishing and many people wish for their dream house. While it might be hard for Santa to get your dream home down the chimney, there are some steps you can take to get your hands on your dream house sooner rather than later.
  1. Know your financesOne of the most important steps to take is to see a financial advisor. Just because you are working as a casual in a retail shop doesn’t mean you can’t dream about owning your own home. However, just as you wouldn’t let a child drive a car, you shouldn’t go blindly into building your first home.
  2. Get browsingAnother important factor is to research what you can actually afford. Looking through the current real estate market will give you an indication of what you can get within your budget. While building your own home can have hidden costs compared to an already established property, it’s important to have a look around at what other people are paying for so you know what to expect for your budget. It’s also important to browse for builders and
    contractors so you know you’re getting the best deal and the best quality.
  3. Check your contractAs mentioned above you can get hit by hidden costs down the track so it’s important you double check your contract for any hidden nasties. Getting a professional real estate lawyer to read your contract is also a good idea before you sign anything. This will ensure you aren’t legally bound to a document you don’t agree with.
  4. Smile for the cameraTaking regular photos of the progress of your property construction is a great way to not only keep a record of what it looked like for nostalgia’s sake, but it’s also a good way to have visual proof of any later disagreements you might encounter later down the track. Make sure you keep dates on the photos so you can refer back to them in chronological order.
  5. It’s time to move!Once your dream home has been built, it’s time for the big move. It’s a good idea to check all the workmanship on your new home before moving in. This includes checking floors, cabinets, doors, windows etc. Make sure you contact the builder immediately if something is not quite right with your new home. It’s also important to notify the bank, post office, school and so on about your new address.
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While it might be daunting to build your first home, there are businesses that do it daily so make sure you contact them before you venture into the real estate market. Do your research and you will be in your dream home in no time!

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Julie Chloe
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Julie Chloe works on behalf of WesTrac, an Australian company specialising in equipment management, construction, and mining.

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