The Best Season to Show a Home and Why

Many homeowners look for the right opportunity to potentially sell a home and upgrade their living situation. There are many factors that buyers and sellers consider when shopping the real estate market, and with it showing new signs of life, there is opportunity for homeowners and buyers to make a deal. Like in any market, real estate has its own ebb and flow, with some parts of the year being slow while others are buzzing with excitement.

Of the four seasons one is clearly above and beyond the others in terms general traffic. For instance, in the winter, there are many major holidays and it can be cold and grimy out. All of these factors lead to few people interested spending their weekends outside house hunting. The fall is an average season in terms of real estate activity. Summertime is usually pretty slow, despite there being good weather in most locations around the country. This leaves just one season.

In the spring there is a large increase in real estate activity around the country. There are a few different reasons for this. First, all of those potential shoppers who were hiding out during the winter months are more willing to hit the showings. Second, with spring comes flowers and other vegetation. This may sound silly, but it adds to curb appeal and more leads to potential buyers. Probably the most important factor is tax season. Many who paid taxes get sizeable refund checks, which they can then use to help make a down payment on a house.

Show a Home

Also, in the spring there is usually a much larger inventory than the other seasons. With more choices, there is more activity. Also, with more competition in the market, prices tend to drop a little. With a larger consideration set and decent prices, buyers and more likely to put in the time and effort and find the right home for themselves.

Families tend to buy in the spring also, so that the move takes place over the summer months, which is less hectic with kids being home instead of going to school and after school activities. If the location is in a warm location, older buyers will be looking for good deals for their second or third home.

Of all of the seasons, spring is the best time to put a home on the market. There is more demand and prices remain reasonable so that buyers and willing to go to showings and find a great deal.

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