The Beginners Guide To Looking After Your Car During Winter

Winter can be a harsh season for many reasons- The drop in temperatures can affect your health, weather conditions can become traitorous and traveling short distances seem harder work. Not to mention ice, snow and sleet which seems to always bring the country to a standstill.
One thing that always seems to suffer when winter strikes is your vehicle, mornings are often spent scraping ice vicariously of your windows, screen wash pipes are almost always frozen over, and sitting in your car first thing in the morning feels closer to sitting in a freezer.
Below are 5 top tips for looking after your vehicle throughout the winter, enjoy.

Looking After Your Car During Winter

  1. Allocate 5 minutes before you set off to warm your car.
    Nothing feels as worse as jumping in your car for the daily commute and sitting there freezing as you haven’t given your heaters the chance to warm up. Not allowing time for your car to warm up will also result in your car steaming up, making it difficult for you to see through your windows.
  2. Make sure all your lights are in full working condition.
    Throughout winter, early mornings and evenings become darker meaning you will need to have your lights on more often. It is incredibly important to make sure all your lights are in full working condition, failure to do so means you could be pulled over by the police.
  3. As the winter season begins make sure to get your car serviced.
    Winter requires drivers to become more aware on the road, especially when it comes to the overall condition of your car. It is crucial to make sure that your car can handle the conditions which come hand in hand with the cold season. Taking your car to get professionally serviced means you can highlight any issues with your car which may affect your driving experience. Getting any potential issues fixed on your car means you can have peace of mind when traveling out in your vehicle.
  4. Black ice is a drivers nightmare, so be prepared.
    Black ice can be very difficult to spot on the roads which is why you should be prepared and make sure that your tires are not damaged and that they are fully pumped up. Always make sure to check your tires thoroughly and constantly throughout winter to avoid any potential accidents.
  5. Stock up on winter essentials.
    Always make sure you have plenty of de-icer and screen wash which contains de-icer. One can is not enough as it doesn’t last when ice covers your windows in the mornings and evenings. Having to scrape the ice of your windows in the evening in the dark after work because you’ve run out of de-icer is never a pleasant feeling.
These simple tips are easy to follow and will save you a lot of time, expense and they may also save your life. Remember, winter conditions can be hazardous so stay safe this winter.

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Leisha Hankin
About the Author:

Written by Leisha Hankin, a journalist turned copywriter for Mega Vaux, a vehicle car part company which specialises in Vauxhall spares.

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