Tattoo or Not To?

The days of avoiding the person with the tattoos trying to talk to you on a night out is long gone. These days’ tattoos are more likely to be a personal requirement! Especially for the younger crowd who see tattoos as simply an extension of themselves. Yes, some tattoos are going to look pretty awful when the wearer gets older but in today’s "live for the moment" culture that isn’t too high on many peoples priorities.

Our younger generation don’t live in the same stable economy their parents and grandparents did, they don’t know what’s going to happen next week and they have to work harder than ever just to keep their jobs and independence so why not enjoy the moment and not think about the consequences?

Most teens will have had part time jobs for a while, they save up for their first taste of freedom by going on holiday and want to remember this brief good time before going off to uni for more exams and hard work. Looking down at ‘ibiza1999’ might not mean anything to anyone else but so what? As long as it brings back great memories and a smile to your face that’s all that matters.
Obviously some thought and consideration before having yourself inked for life is important so make sure you sleep on it first. However, a tattoo means something different to everyone depending on their personal life experiences so don’t listen to other people’s opinions if you feel that your design is right for you but be mindful of the placement of the tattoo so that you’re not ruling out certain jobs or clothes.

Tattoo or Not To?

Tattoos can say a lot about a person before they even have to open their mouths but in today’s society where self-branding, standing out and selling yourself is important this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.
If you have a life motto that you’ve worked by for the past decade why not have it added to your body as a reminder to stick with it even when life deals you a tough blow. If your favourite flower, song lyric or symbol holds meaning to you, you want to show what you’re all about and be reminded of their meaning whenever you look at them.

When a loved one passes away more of us are remaining loyal and showing how much they meant to us by inking their birth and death date, name or picture onto us as a permanent reminder to help with the grieving process and show the world what significance that person had on our lives.
Tattoos can show a certain bond between friends, sisters, father and son etc and the fact that tattoos are for life means that bond will always be there.

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