Stocking Your Car Toolkit Before a Road Trip

Traveling is a fantastic hobby; getting to see the world and experience new cultures is great fun and gives you a broader outlook on life. Many people choose to take ‘road trips’ around Europe, Australia or the USA and this can be a quick and easy way to get around without having to rely on public transport; especially if you’re in a country that speaks a different language to your own. However, the nightmare scenario if you’re on a road trip is something going wrong and you breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Having a well-stocked car toolkit could be the difference between sleeping in the desert or going onwards to a nice warm bed in a hotel!

Now we are heading towards the winter season, in addition to the usual accessories in your toolkit you will need some tools which are specifically tailored to tackle problems in colder conditions. The usual accessories will not be enough during freezing temperatures.

Here are some basic accessories you will need in your toolkit under all conditions:
When a car is moving there is a lot of vibration which causes many things in the car to loosen up. You need to have both flat and star screwdrivers of various sizes to fasten some of the items which get loose. A set of basic screwdrivers will help you prevent the falling off of some things from the car. A problem with the battery may also require you to use a screwdriver to loosen or tighten the plugs on the battery.

Stocking Your Car Toolkit Before a Road Trip

Although most modern cars come with a jack tacked somewhere in the boot, you should also get a quality jack that can be used anywhere. The small jack which comes with the car can only be used under perfect conditions; on an even ground and under no rainfall. An additional high quality jack will allow you to change your flat tire under any conditions.

This is a very handy tool that you can use for various tasks such as gripping and twisting smaller, fiddly car parts.

Lug Wrench
In most cases you will get a lug wrench that fits your car’s nuts and bolts when you buy the car. You should definitely not leave this wrench behind when travelling! A lug wrench used by another driver on his car may not fit your car’s nuts and bolts.

The above are the most basic tools that you should not travel without and form the basis of any good car toolkit.

There are plenty of great online stores where you can buy these tools at pocket friendly prices such as, where you can stock a complete toolkit that features tools suited for use in any conditions which may arise.

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