Simple Steps to Save on Your Motoring Costs

Buying and running a car is a costly business, what with the ever rising cost of fuel, road tax, insurance and other expenses it can seem like you’re constantly paying out. Anything you can do to control your motoring expenses therefore is worthwhile.

One of the best ways to ensure you don’t pay out more than you have to is to keep your car in good condition. Catch and fix issues early and you’ll save money by not having to deal with more severe problems further down the line. Taking care of day-to-day maintenance items like ensuring oil and filters are changed regularly and that the anti-freeze is topped up will help to keep your car running smoothly.
How to Make Savings
Keeping your tyres properly inflated will reduce drag and save fuel. You can save by using the aircon less too, open widows at low speeds but use the aircon when travelling faster as open windows create more drag at speed. Your roof rack creates drag too so take it off if you’re not using it. Reducing weight can help save fuel too so take all that unnecessary junk out of the boot. Unless you’re going on a long journey don’t fill the tank all the way up either, fuel is heavier than you think.
Adapting your driving style can help too; try to accelerate and brake more gently and ensure you’re in the correct gear. If you can look ahead and anticipate hazards in advance then you’ll be able to drive more smoothly and avoid harsh manoeuvres.

Save on Your Motoring Costs

Great Service and Shop Around
If you do your own servicing – or have a friendly mechanic to do it for you – then an area where you can make savings is in parts. We’re used to shopping around for things like exhausts and tyres but you can do the same for other parts too. If you shop around online you’ll find that you can pay significantly lower prices than dealers charge and you have the convenience of parts being delivered straight to your door.

For those buying a new car remember that road tax is now based on exhaust emissions, so a cleaner car can save you money and it’ll be more fuel efficient into the bargain. Make sure you’re buying the right car for your needs too – do you really need a big car if you spend most of the time driving around on your own?

Reducing your motoring costs is often a matter of common sense. There are plenty of areas where you can make savings without cutting corners. By being prepared to make a few simple changes and shop around for the best deal you’ll be surprised at how much you can shave off your bills.

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