SeQual Oxygen Products are Changing Lives

SeQual Technologies is a company that has been changing the way that oxygen therapy products are created since 1998. They manufacture products for the medical community, military, and industrial applications. Though the company was founded in 1991, they have been fully concentrating on the development and improvement of medical oxygen systems since 1998.

Models of SeQual Oxygen Products
Sequal oxygen concentrators come in different models, but the two most popular are the Eclipse 3 and the Integra Home Oxygen Concentrator. SeQual produced these two models in the hopes that they would benefit oxygen therapy patients, to give them better portability and access to oxygen support no matter where they needed to go.

The Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator - This concentrator offers sustained flow for continuous therapy. It also has pulse dose options. The portable device is available for 24/7 treatment options and is approved by the FAA to be used on airlines. It can be taken on cruise ships, buses, trains and just about anywhere. With a long lasting battery that powers for at least three hours, the device provides plenty of operating strength to deliver continued therapy. When the battery needs charging, it can be charged while the unit is in use.

SeQual Oxygen Products are Changing Lives

The Integra Home Oxygen Concentrator - This concentrator was developed by SeQual five years ago and it continues to prove its success in providing high-quality oxygen therapy. With a extended performance level, it delivers a high flow of oxygen concentration. The machine offers a simple keypad for easy operation and features an easy to read LCD screen that shows the flow indicator.

SeQual Technology is Leading the Way
SeQual is the leading manufacturer of PSA-based air separation systems. They continue to strive for greater improvements in their products, to deliver unmatched performance. Their goals are to reduce the costs for their customers and to improve the process in which oxygen is delivered.
The sequal concentrator models are made in lightweight designs and they use ATF (Advanced Technology Fractionators) that are able to easily separate the oxygen from the rest of the air, delivering a concentrated volume of oxygen right to the patient, without the need for cumbersome oxygen tanks.

The sequal eclipse 3 portable oxygen concentrator is truly a remarkable product line and SeQual continues to work towards improving it even further. With almost 200 fewer parts than many of the other concentrators on the market, these devices are less expensive to produce and weigh less so that the burden on the user is not so heavy.

In the coming years, SeQual hopes to develop further oxygen concentrator models that give more of what their customers need and less of the hassles of older devices. With their commitment to quality and the success that they have already garnered, it seems that they will see continued growth.

If you or a loved one are in need of oxygen therapy, there is no better product line than SeQual. They give proven performance in a device that can be taken anywhere, for continuous oxygen support.

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