Restaurant Industry Integration With Mobile

The use of smartphones in the UK has dramatically risen in the last couple of years, with it now being estimated that over 50% of the population own and use one regularly. Tablets are also growing in popularity, with many people enjoying the opportunity to access sites on the move just as they would on a phone, but on a larger screen which is easier to navigate. Because of this growing trend, mobile devices have begun to emerge as a key medium for advertisers and retailers. The amount of sales made through mobile-optimized sites is rocketing, and people are feeling increasingly comfortable using their smartphones or tablets to search for products and services.

A new report from Millennial Media has revealed that the restaurant sector is one of the leading industries taking advantage of this new channel. The mobile advertising company found that amongst its clients using its specially-designed platform, businesses in the restaurant and catering market made up the third largest group in the first and second quarter of this financial year. The report examined the ways in which these businesses are using mobile devices to target potential customers. The reported methods used include location-based targeting, store locator services and m-commerce sites.

Restaurant Industry Integration With Mobile
 It was found that 61% of the restaurants and food suppliers advertising through Millennial Media were choosing to employ location-based targeting. This is an extremely effective marketing technique because it ensures that a business is reaching people who are actually in the area, and who are thus more likely to bring custom. It is especially useful for the restaurant sector because location is one of the most important factors that people will consider when choosing a place to eat.

Mobile advertising also suits this sector because people frequently search for places to eat while they are out and about. If they are most likely to be using their mobiles or tablets while out of the house, then this is the perfect platform for restaurants to target customers. Store location services are extremely useful when used on a mobile device, as people can quickly find the place which is nearest to their current location. It is also useful if the restaurant has a mobile-optimised version of their website, complete with menus and prices; this way, customers can quickly and conveniently decide which place they would like to go. If mobile advertising proves successful for restaurants, then it will have a positive impact on the catering industry as a whole. Food wholesalers, manufacturers, caterers and restaurants will all benefit from the new channel of advertising.

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