Remove the Stress of Food Preparation by Hiring a Catering Company

Food is a necessity at most events. Weddings, training days, a christening, or other celebrations can gain a professional finish with the aid of a catering company.
If you have no experience in organising an event, it can be difficult to put a plan into place. Caterers are experts in the food industry and can provide assistance to numerous events. If you have an idea of the food you would like them to deliver or serve, explain this to the catering company.

Many caterers can offer a sit down service, which includes the supply of plates, utensils and decorations best suited to the event. Some companies also provide a waiter service. One of the benefits of hiring a catering company is not having to spend a day preparing food, storing it, serving it and washing the plates and utensils afterward.

The Four Types of Menus Served by Catering Companies
A barbeque menu may require a minimum number of persons, but it will often include two hot items and salad, with a choice of kebabs, hot dogs, beef burgers, tandoori style chicken, chicken breasts, or pork steaks. Vegetarian dishes may include veggie burgers or grilled vegetables.
A fork buffet menu is slightly more expensive than a finger food buffet and may include roasted salmon, mixed salad with dressing, pasta salad, potato salad, ham slices with chutney, puff pastry tarts, quiche and pork loins.

Food Preparation by Hiring a Catering Company

A finger food buffet is inexpensive and suitable for small training events. The food generally served includes sausage rolls, sandwiches, quiches, pizza, puffy pastry tarts, chicken kebabs and samosas.
For celebratory events, a sit down menu will provide a three-course dinner, with an array of starters, from liver pate with French bread to chicken Caesar salad. The main courses will include a selection of meat and vegetarian dishes, from vegetable risotto to traditional roasts with all the trimmings. A dessert is included.

A catering company will always provide a range of sweets, which cost extra and are not included with a finger, fork, or barbeque buffets.

Caterers Serve More Than Food
Caterers not only provide delicious food to suit your training event or personal celebrations, but they can use centrepieces to decorate the tables and room. Some companies also offer a waiter service. Choose a caterer who has years of experience in this field. Fresh food will be served and there will be no food preparation or need to wash up afterward.

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