Quad Biking For Kids: Try Something New For 2013

The start of a new year brings the perfect opportunity for you and your family to start doing something new. Starting something new offers you the opportunity to pick yourself up after the end of the Christmas season. It also allows you to try something that you may not have had the encouragement to do earlier on in the year. The same goes for your children, give them something to look forward to before they go back to school by letting them try something new like quad biking.

Below is a list of the top five reasons why you should encourage your child to take up quad biking in the new year.

1. Quad biking for kids isn’t as expensive as you think.
It is often assumed that quad biking is an expensive hobby. First of all, the most expensive thing about quad biking is purchasing the quad. You can purchase affordable quad bikes from many specialists offering excellent deals and packages for beginners.

2. Purchase a starter quad bike for new riders.
Quad bikes are available in a range of different sizes and speeds, from mini quads designed for kids and adults who want to start with something a little bit smaller then a full sized quad bike. Quad bikes start from 50cc with a top speed of roughly 25 MPH to 150 cc which can reach the speed of 40+ MPH. For beginners it is highly recommended that you purchase a 50cc quad as this allows you to get used to controlling the quad easier when you restrict your speed.

Quad Biking For Kids

3. You will be surprised at how local your nearest quad biking facility is.
People often make the mistake that quad biking requires you to travel quite a distance to find your nearest quad biking facility. This is simply not the case anymore, quad biking has rapidly grown in popularity of the past couple of years therefore you can find many local quad biking sites surrounding your nearest town.

4. Quad biking is a great way to explore the out doors
Quad biking is an outdoor sport suitable for all types of weather, which means you can pack up and go quad biking whenever you like. It also gives you the opportunity to try out door camping, which may lead you to take up an eager interest in the great outdoors.

5. Quad Bikes are versatile
Quad Bikes are off-road vehicles, therefore it is illegal for you to ride them on the road. However, a quad bike can be useful for many things. You can use a quad bike to go mud riding where you can wade through massive mud puddles, enjoy a spot of circuit racing, or why not try hill riding.
Quad biking is a great way for yourself and your kids to try something new, so if you are feeling a bit adventurous in the new year then take up quad biking as a hobby. However, always remember to wear the correct fitting safety wear every time you ride your quad bike.
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