Put Wheels on Your New Project! Keep Your Furniture Rolling with Casters

In recent years I have suffered with mobility problems due to the onset of arthritis.  This has made it difficult for me to move furniture about on my own. However by adding swivel casters to my furniture I have made it easier to cope alone at home.

Why Lift When You Can Roll!
I love my independence and intend to go on living at home for as long as possible.  However my joint problems have made some everyday activities more difficult.  My hands and wrists feel much weaker these days and I cannot really lift even small items of furniture such as chairs or coffee tables.  I also find it difficult on some days to carry trays of food in to the living room so that I can eat whilst watching the television.

A home help worker suggested that I invest in a lightweight trolley.  This was very helpful as the swivel castors on the bottom made the trolley very easy to push around my home.  I was able to take food and drinks into the living room and also move other items about the house.  It then occurred to me that with swivel castors I would be able to easily move furniture around as well.  I contacted a local handyman about fitting castors to my ottoman, arm chairs and also my coffee table.

Furniture Rolling with Casters

Adding Wheels to Furniture
Adding castors to my furniture has been very helpful.  There are various types of castors around and I recommend the ones that you can lock.  This enables me to wheel my furniture into place and then lock it so that it doesn’t move around.  This is particularly important for things like armchairs and ottomans so that when you sit down the furniture does not move away from you.

My armchairs are quite heavy and I was unable to lift and move them on my own.  However with the new swivel castors in place I can now move them much more easily.  This means I can push my chairs back when I need to, such as when I want to vacuum underneath.  This has been a real help to me and has enabled me to gain a little more independence in my own home.

Buying and Fitting Swivel Casters
Buying swivel castors is really easy online.  I ordered the castors that I needed from a specialist website and they were delivered in just a few days.  Because of my arthritis I am no longer able to do many home DIY jobs myself so I asked a handyman to fit them for me.  However this is a very straightforward job and only requires some basic skills and tools.

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Kevin Collins
About the Author:

Kevin Collins writes articles on living with arthritis, Through his experience he has found there are many uses for swivel casters in the home. 

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