Present Buying for Your Girl

It can be difficult to know what to get the lady in your life when the time for presents is upon you.
Depending on how long you’ve been together you should have a pretty good idea of what she does and doesn’t like, what her size is, her favourite shops and her favourite colour. If her best friend, sister or mother isn’t around to help you out and she hasn’t dropped any hints (or none that you’ve picked up on anyway) it’s time to take a deep breath and venture out on your own.

Women put outfits and events together so if you’re planning on going somewhere for her birthday or Valentine’s Day (or whatever the occasion you’re present purchasing for) it’s likely she’ll want ‘something new’ to wear so she feels dressed for the occasion.

If you know which clothes shops are her favourite it’s best to head there, it might jog your memory of things she may have mentioned she likes or something she pointed out last time you were dragged round the shops. If nothing comes to mind and you want to stay safe think of her favorite color or a colour she wears a lot and go for a similar style to what she usually wears. If you’re feeling brave go for something you’d like to see her in or give the sales person a description of her usual style and see if she has an idea of something the girl in your life would wear.

Present Buying for Your Girl

If you know her taste fairly well and can stretch your budget go for jewellery.
Jewellery works because it’s personal to each person and reminds people of events and times in their lives. Charm bracelets are a thoughtful way of showing your lady that this is a significant time in your lives and gives her a way of remembering it each time she looks at your gift. Take a look at her jewellery box before you go buying to get a feel for what her taste is, for example, does she wear more gold or silver?  Does she wear simple things or more intricate or embellished designs? Is it chunky or thin and elegant? Does she prefer necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings? If possible try to take something from that category that she already owns (but won’t notice is missing) so you have a size guide for the sales person to go off.

If you have a good idea of what she’s into have a look if there’s tickets to her favourite band or theatre show? Book her a spa day, a day course in something she’s always wanted to learn or even a box set of her favourite TV show-anything that shows how well you know her and that you’ve put some well- intentioned thought into it.

Even if you fall on your face and buy her something not quite right, if you give her your reasons for choosing it, the liklihood is she’ll be just as touched by the effort you’ve gone to.

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