Planning a New Year's Eve Party

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching, you might be thinking of throwing a bash for your friends to close the door on the past year and celebrate new beginnings. Whether you’re planning an upscale dinner party or a cocktail soiree, here are some fun and hassle-free tips for making your gathering great.

A good game to play with New Year’s Eve partygoers has to do with the always-popular New Year’s resolution. As guests arrive at your party, ask them to write down their New Year’s resolution anonymously on a piece of paper and put that paper in a hat or bag. Once you’ve collected all of the resolutions, mix them up and start choosing them at random to read aloud. Try and guess which resolution belongs to which guest!

New Year’s is often the time when people look back and evaluate their lives and the passing of time. For a fun twist on this idea, have the guests at your party bring along baby pictures without their names on them. Number the pictures and attach them to a huge bulletin board or hang them on a wall. Let your guests spend some time looking at the pictures and at each other, then have them guess which baby picture goes with which person.

Planning a New Year's Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is everyone’s last chance to be decadent during the holiday season. So, if you’re planning on making your New Year’s Eve party a dinner party, try to make it fancy. Cooking an entire, gourmet meal can be exhausting, so make things as easy as possible for yourself if you’re planning on cooking everything instead of having the party catered. A time-saving idea if you’re trying to cook the New Year’s dinner yourself is to use a mail order bakery. This way, you can order ahead of time and have all your sweets taken care of, instead of scrambling to make desserts on your own at the last minute.

For a New Year’s Eve cocktail party, champagne is essential for a classic New Year’s toast at midnight. There are actually many kinds of champagne out there; do your research and have a few different champagnes at the ready. Send out a BYOB invite to cut costs and increase the variety of your alcoholic offerings.

No matter what kind of New Year’s Eve party you plan on having, though, don’t forget the party favors and noisemakers! Kazoos, party poppers, streamers and party hats are an important and unforgettable part of what makes New Year’s parties fun.

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