Office Furniture- Maximize Your Returns!

What is a company if not a constant exercise to maximize return on investment? The investment happens in several forms. A company would invest in research so that they can have new products and services to offer in the coming years. Companies spend a fortune so that they can attract the right kind of talent; talent that will take the company forward to the next decade. While it is not so obvious, office furniture such as desks and chairs are also investments. In terms of sheer cost, office furniture can be a huge bill in any fiscal year they were purchased or replaced.

We mentioned that companies spend a lot of money to get the right sort of employees to their company. Once they have got the talent they go through a lot of trouble to retain these employees and keep them happy. Why so? The reasons are very obvious. Every employee that is ever hired does not start making money for his company at least until a few years into the company. If an employee should leave or be terminated until he becomes profitable for the hiring company, it will be a huge loss.

Just as is the case with employees, all money that is spent on furniture is also an investment. This investment, if not taken care of properly, will wither away, quite literally. Irrespective of how large a company is, taking care of furniture should be a top priority for the maintenance department because some amount of care towards the furniture can increase its life by so many times. It’s like a car that you bought. No matter how expensive is your car; it still needs some attention in the form of regular maintenance.

Office Furniture- Maximize Your Returns!

Taking Care Of Your Furniture
The best way to take of your furniture is not what you do after you buy it but rather before you buy it. It is a given that every purchase, every expense is a cost to the company. The higher the costs the longer it takes for any company to recover that particular investment. So, the natural tendency for any purchase department would be to spend as less as possible on the office desk and furniture. However, the fact of the matter is, this is not a good strategy from any angle.

Sure, may be for that particular year, your costs may come down because lesser money was spent on the furniture. However, this furniture bought for lesser cost was priced lower simply because the raw materials used were of poor quality. Running over a few months, there is a much higher chance that this low priced poor quality chairs and furniture will simply wither and die and you are back to doing another round of purchasing. More expenses! Why not increase the gap between successive purchase cycles by buying quality furniture for your office?

Cleaning Your Office Furniture
You could have bought furniture that is made of wood or metal or plastic. Whatever is the case, all furniture goes bad over time due to exposure to air. Dust will ensure that your furniture will experience wear and tear at a much faster rate. More is the deposit of dust on the surface, the faster will your furniture die! Then, there is the little matter of dust on your furniture causing health problems to your employees.

So, get your office furniture cleaned as regularly as possible. It only needs a little amount of effort and you will have longer lasting furniture that will serve your employees for a long time.

Arrange For Inspection
Furniture is made up of a number of nuts and bolts and all of them undergo a lot of wear and tear over time. It is easier to replace a nut or bolt than having to replace an entire back seat or one of the legs or any of the arms rests. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell without proper inspection exactly which chair and which part is going bad. In order to establish and find out which of these chairs are going bad, you have to arrange for regular inspection. This is the only you will find out and replace faulty parts.

The last thing is training your employees to use the chair and desk properly. For example, some employees might be in the habit of sitting on the desk which can cause unusual problems. It might be a bit tricky to train all your employees to use the furniture responsibly but it is worth a try.

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