North-East Scotland - Possibly One Of The Best Places To Build An Eco-Friendly Home?

An environmentally-friendly home can be cheaper to run in the long-term, than its traditional counterpart. Although it may take some time to enjoy the obvious benefits of lower utility bills, if you have set your heart on settling down in one particular area, building your own eco-friendly home can be a wise decision that you will not regret.

The best location
You may be craving isolation and escape from a busy work schedule, or work from home and want to enjoy fabulous views from your office window, but whatever the reason, north-east Scotland could be seen as a perfect location for an environmentally-friendly home.

One of the first steps towards creating your dream house must be to find a suitably-experienced architect, who can put your dream down on paper, advise you of rules and regulations in terms of the building itself, and discuss the latest options for eco-friendly materials, heating and lighting.
If you search online for Scottish-based architects Aberdeen has a wealth of choice of firms that share your passion for everything ‘green,’ and by looking at the information on their websites you will get a feel for the services that you need.

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Wind power
The wind is often regarded as one of the most efficient sources of ‘green’ energy, but wind farms are a far cry from what is required for a domestic house. The north-east coast of Scotland must be one of the most apt places to harness the power of the wind, and this combined with the beautiful scenery makes it a dream location for many people who are looking for sustainable living.

Micro wind turbines can be used to backup domestic electricity supplies, and as some micro turbines are made from fibre glass, they are fairly lightweight. Although they are small as far as wind turbines go, planning permission will probably be needed before they are installed.


Rainwater harvesting
We always seem to have either too much or too little rainwater. There is either a flood or a drought, with no happy medium, unless you find a way to harvest and reuse rainwater. There will be many Architects Aberdeen residents can approach, to discuss the most effective method of collecting and filtering rainwater, and if you have a metered water supply, this will also save you money in the long-run.

Careful planning is required before building any Eco-friendly home, and with the assistance of experienced architects, you will find the perfect balance between a great location, sustainable living, and a comfortable home.

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