New Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design looks crisp and clean and has a distinctly modern and minimalist look. However, just because it looks simple doesn't mean modern interior designers don't expend a lot of creativity and thought into each and every designed room. Achieving the right contemporary home interior design requires finding the right balance between modern style, functionality and ergonomic designs - a process that can be quite difficult.

New Contemporary Interior Design
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It's All in the Professional Touch

Anyone can buy modern accessories, furniture and art. But putting it together so that it exudes an elegant, yet comfortable look while keeping it all crisp, clean and minimal - now that's where a professional's expertise could be used. Anyone can select colors they like and lighting fixtures that appeal to them, but getting them to work together, and allowing one element to complement the other - well, only a professional designer can achieve this.

Shapes and Colors

For those of you who still want to try to achieve that modern interior design look, you want to pay close attention to shape and color. Look for furnishings in unconventional shapes and in bright accented colors. Just be sure to paint walls a neutral white, off-white or other neutral color to show off the unconventional modern and brightly colored furnishings. In contemporary design, accent elements come in splashes of bright red, tangerine and lime green.

Mix it Up

Another interesting contemporary trend is to merge materials together. For instance wood and steel work nicely together in contemporary home interior design. These two elements offer the warmth of wood and the modern futuristic look in one swoop. A good example of this combination is the use of metal wall art in a room that has beautiful wood floors.
The combination of such elements as wood siding, white plaster and colored furnishings or panels offers a crisp, clean modern look.

Simple is Easier

Contemporary design is especially popular because it is easy to keep organized and clean. The hardwood or ceramic floors make for easy cleanups and the minimal amounts of furniture and accessories make it very simple to upkeep. Yet, even though the furnishings and accessories are minimal, it draws the attention and eye of the beholder because the bold colors add interest to the minimalist furnishings.

The Blending is Important

When referring to contemporary interior design, the use of neutral whites, greys and blacks is essential. Wall coverings, floors and furnishings should come in these colors. Still, a third color also needs to be added. It is this third color that will accent the others, and it should be a bold bright color like those mentioned above (reds, oranges, purples, blues and greens). However, whichever color you choose, you should only use that one additional color to accent the rest of the room and bring it all together.

Put it All Together

The modern design possibilities are endless. You can add color with certain furnishings, rugs, light fixtures or even a few accessories. Just remember to keep it minimal. Accent pieces can include pillows, art, sculptures, vases, bowls or even the walls themselves. However, it's very easy to go overboard, so you need to really think about the way you will pull it all together.

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