Motorway Driving for Learners - Wise Call?

While it is currently illegal for learner drivers to go on motorways, moves are afoot to change this position. Mike Penning, the Roads Minister, has recently announced that by summer 2012 learners will be able to take motorway lessons prior to passing their tests in a bid to reduce accidents and increase confidence levels among those driving on motorways. These changes will take place in England, Wales and Scotland and are currently under consideration by the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Young Drivers
The majority of learners are young drivers who are substantially more likely to have an accident once they have passed their test. Statistically, young drivers are twice as likely to be involved in an accident and such accidents are much more likely to result in personal injury compensation claims than those involving older drivers. The move towards increasing young drivers' experience is, therefore, welcomed by many driving instructors.

Motorway Driving for Learners

For some people, however, the thought of learner drivers having lessons on motorways is of concern and there are fears that their presence will actually increase the number of accidents. Many frequent motorway users are worried that having learner drivers on motorways will lead to greater traffic problems and more stressful driving situations.

A Safe Place to Drive
While many learners and experienced drivers alike are nervous about driving on motorways, they are statistically one of the safest places to drive. For this reason, many driving instructors are in favour of the changes as they will give new drivers the confidence and skills to drive safely on major roads.
Allowing learner drivers on to motorways will be carried out in a controlled manner. Learners will need to be with a qualified instructor and be in a dual-control car. Motorway driving will also not become a mandatory part of the learning experience, as it would be difficult for those living in rural locations without easy access to a motorway.

Insurance Premiums
It is believed that the additional training that learner drivers will be able to undertake could have an impact on their insurance premiums once they have passed their test. This is of particular interest to young drivers, who face some of the highest insurance costs. In addition to giving learner drivers a greater degree of experience, the changes will also, therefore, make them a better insurance risk and this should have financial benefits.

Gaining Experience
For those young drivers who do not undertake motorway driving when learning to drive and are concerned that they lack the skills to drive safely on motorways, all is not lost. The Pass Plus training course, which was designed by the Driving Standards Agency, is aimed at improving new drivers' road experience and skill sets. It consists of six modules, one of which is motorway driving. Training is available through an Approved Driving Instructor who is Pass Plus qualified.

The move to allow learner drivers to take motorway lessons before passing their test will give young people the chance to gain important experience of driving at speed before heading out on their own. As well as improving the accident statistics for young drivers, this change should also save them money in the long term.

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