Mens Fashion Trends For Fall & Winter

The days are getting cooler, the nights are getting longer and you can smell Fall in the air. One of the first changes we make as the seasons pass is to our wardrobe and mens clothing changes right along with the weather.

Fall brings thoughts of colorful foliage, bountiful harvests and the need for warmer clothes. Along with the change in temperature, mens clothing changes in color, texture and design. Hues become warmer, deeper; textures become heavier and more defined; design leans toward protection from the elements, rain, wind and cold air.

A man looking for ideas to buff up his Fall wardrobe may browse through the pages of online picture sights or an advertisement along a social media profile page may grab his attention. Pictures can be the introduction to a new fashion trend or a path to finding an old standby found on an online auction site.

So, what are men looking for in Fall fashions?

Slacks For Fall
Nothing says Fall like the deep, soft texture of corduroy slacks or softly brushed denim jeans. Even in a casual business environment, cords can be accessorized with a button down shirt, a tweed sport coat or even a suede vest for a professional but comfortable look.

Mens Fashion Trends For Fall & Winter

Jackets To Take Into Winter
A light weight leather or suede jacket with a removable liner makes an easy transition from Fall into Winter. A car coat in warm brown or beige tones can take the chill out of those early Fall mornings while still being comfortable enough for the drive into work.

Sweaters Are The Softest Way to Enjoy Fall
Sweaters for casual or business casual are the most versatile part of a Fall wardrobe. Fall colors in soft cotton blends can be paired with a white shirt underneath for appearance and comfort. Turtle neck sweaters in a rainbow of colors blend well with casual slacks and a textured sport coat.

Hats For Style and Protection
A smart and sporty look for Fall can easily include a Jeff Cap or fabric sport cap to contrast with a jacket or sport coat. For a more formal appearance, a weather protected Bowler style can be just the finishing touch to top off a camel colored all weather coat.

Scarves Give Wrap Around Style
You don’t always need a scarf for protection from the wind and cold. Scarves for men can make a finishing statement in deep, warm colors. Paired with a sport coat over jeans, a scarf is truly the finishing touch for catching the colors this weekend.

Shoes Saving the Best For Last
No one can have too many shoes. Shoes for Fall should be lighter than a Winter boot but heavier than a Summer sandal. Shoes for Fall are deeper in color than a casual Summer shoe but their texture and fabric says it all. Fall is suede, leather, softness and warmth.
Fall clothing for men means deeper, warmer colors, firmer, textured fabrics and accessories that can make even a pair of well worn jeans look stylish.

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