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There’s no shortage of looks out there. To be truly creative in your clothes you need to think outside of the box though. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design and wear your own clothes? Move away from the mundane and eclipse the mainstream with your own unique take on fashion. Personalised T-Shirts and clothing are one way of attracting attention to your look. They say a lot about the kind of person you are. I like to make people think a little when I’m out and about and a few well-chosen words or pictures on a T-shirt can really make you stand out. It’s also a great way of meeting new people as you get an instant conversation starter!

T-Shirt History
Originally an undergarment, the familiar item of clothing we know today grew in popularity and began to be worn as the main item of casual clothing following World War II. In the early fifties, various companies began to decorate their T-shirts, and some of the designs that followed over the decades have now become famous in their own right. Since the turn of the 21st century, personalised T-shirts have become increasingly popular where direct-to-garment printing has allowed customers access to a huge variety of designs with no minimum orders.

Design Tips for Personalised T-Shirts

Design Tips for Personalised T-Shirts
When designing your own masterpiece it helps me to look back at some classic designs to figure out what makes them so special. Here are a collection of personal favourites in no particular order:

I "heart" NY
The use of the heart by Milton Glaser as a substitute for love was an instant hit. Imitated everywhere, it is a true design classic.

Plain and White
Originally issued as undergarments for military personnel, the 1950’s Marlon Brando look in A Streetcar Named Desire and Dom Johnson’s 1980’s Armani suit twist showed off the plain white T-shirt to great effect and proved its durability in the fickle world of fashion.

The Smiley
Designed in 1963, this icon of dance culture is a must for all lovers of pop chic.

Che Guevara
One of the most widespread and enduring images to emerge out of the political turmoil of the 1960’s was the face of the Marxist revolutionary. As a symbol of rebellion it is unmatched.

Tongue and Lips
The Rolling Stones “tongue and lips” logo was introduced in 1971 and was designed by John Pasche.

Frankie Says Relax
T-shirts with bold slogans were popular in the 1980’s. This one perfectly summed up the spirit of the times.

Mirroring the "psychedelia" of the 1960’s, these groovy items started to turn people onto the potential of t-shirts as a medium for wearable art.

A number of themes emerge if you want make your personalised t-shirts a joy to behold. Follow these and you’ll be sure to get your message across.

1. Keep it simple
Simple designs mean people will find it easy understand it. Of course, as soon as you give one design rule, another one can contradict it. Something complex can also draw people in. Whatever you do, make sure it attracts the eye.

2. Colour is king
Make sure the colours you use are right for you. It’s no use spending days agonising over the perfect words or photo without thinking about choosing the right colour T-shirt. Not everyone looks good in pink!

3. Size really does matter
Some designs work well whatever the t-shirt size. S, M, L, XL it doesn’t matter. Designs can get lost if the T-shirt is too baggy and loose, so give it a little thought before you place your order.

Personalised T-shirts are a quick stop solution for me to create a unique look and add life to my casual wardrobe. Be warned though, they can become addictive!

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