Looking To Impress The Other Half This Christmas? Think Jewellery

The race is well and truly on. With the cold snap setting in, Christmas trees, decorations, lights and all sorts being erected in homes, workplaces, shopping centers and anywhere else that cares to get involved, the race is on for millions of people around the world to get their Christmas shopping tied up in a desperate bit to avoid the suffering caused from rushing around on Christmas eve trying to think of what to buy.

Christmas shopping is a stressful experience. The responsibility of presenting a gift to someone at a time of year that is, for many people, the highlight of their calendar, brings stresses the likes of which other times of year just do not see. The stress of figuring out what to buy for Auntie Margaret and Uncle Colin who you only see for fifteen minutes every year (at the best of times) may not be heart attack inducing, but when you have no idea what they could possibly want or have any need for it’s still a bit of a pain in the neck.

The stress associated with trying to figure out what to get for your spouse or other half is a completely different ball game however. This is a person you probably see every day, a person who you spend so much time with that you really should have their likes and interests nailed down in your mind. In a perfect world, as soon as Christmas or birthdays seem to be fast approaching in the calendar, a little light should switch on in the back of your head alerting you to the hundreds of possible gifts you could buy for this person.


Unfortunately though, we do not live in a perfect world. In today’s materialistic world, generally (if it is affordable) if somebody wants something they will have plenty of opportunities to go out and get it. Every time this happens, that little light in your head giving you the perfect gift idea dims ever so slightly and every year you find yourself wondering what you could possibly get to put a smile on your better-half’s face.

So what’s a good option? How about jewellery? The great thing about jewellery is the multitude of choices at your disposal. Rings, watches, necklaces, bracelets…your other half couldn’t possibly have every type of all of these. It is highly likely you will find something that your other half not only wants, but doesn’t already have, so it makes a great starting point when you trying to think of ways to illuminate the little light in your head.

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Diana Seagrove
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This guest blog was written by Diana Seagrove, a lover of contemporary jewellery, written on behalf of www.nigelohara.com.

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