Knowing When to Say Goodbye to Your Old Kitchen

Deciding to renovate your kitchen is a big decision for a number of very important reasons, all of which must be considered. The building project can take a long time, cost a lot of money and be extremely disruptive to your home life. The entire process can become especially demanding if you have a large family living at home. The cost alone can make us convince ourselves that we can put up with all the minor irritants of the kitchen which we currently have, such as awkward spacing, outdated appliances or inadequate facilities. Here are a few ways to help you decide whether you should take the plunge and invest in a new kitchen:

Outmoded and Outdated
Sure, the rustic look is very ‘in’ right now, but you should definitely be drawing the line at cupboard doors hanging off their hinges and door handles stuck on with duct tape! Old stoves and ovens may take a long time to heat up or may go from stone cold to burning hot in an instant, making them impractical for everyday use. The same goes for water from the taps that is either freezing cold or boiling!

Say Goodbye to Your Old Kitchen

The trouble is, we all get used to these problems and find ways to cope with them, but dealing with them as they arise or before they become bigger problems is much better for you general well-being. It is important to remember, malfunctioning equipment can also be dangerous if not repaired or replaced.

Your Kitchen Doesn’t Suit You
This is the most common problem facing new homeowners: you move into a large family home that hasn’t been updated in many years and find that the kitchen is cramped, the spacing is awkward and the ground floor just doesn’t suit the kind of home lifestyle you want. Older homes tend to have smaller kitchens, but the modern home needs room for lots more appliances and gadgets, which need not only worktop space but storage as well.

Home design generally has moved on and families now prefer big, open plan combined kitchen and dining spaces. Don’t continue to suffer in a poky space; take out some walls and give yourself that bright and airy space you always wanted! Rebuilding your kitchen can also be a great opportunity to make the space flow better by adopting the work triangle layout - making and preparing, cooking and washing much more effective.

Even on a purely aesthetic level, giving your kitchen a facelift can make all the difference to the overall design of your home and make it a more pleasant place to be. If any of this applies to you, don’t hesitate to start planning your kitchen renovation today!

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