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As a small business it can be hugely exciting when a customer places their first order overseas. I remember the rush of having my products sent abroad and was thrilled to receive positive feedback. When more and more customers started to pour in I had to work out the international logistics to ensure I could fulfill demand and keep my customers happy. In the end I found it easier to sell directly to a distributor and that’s when my business really took off.

Work Out Your Shipping Needs
The problem was I needed to find affordable methods of shipping and having no experience in this area I can assure you it was pretty daunting to say the least.  I had to spend time working out the right type of delivery service to use. For me it was more cost effective to use sea deliveries rather than air. My products have long lead times and air freight can be very costly. Providing I sent my goods in time, the distributors abroad would receive the items in time for when they needed them.
The problem with sea freight and using cargo ships for deliveries are the possible issues that can arise. The sea is temperamental and this can result in damage to goods. Luckily it’s not been too much of a problem, but I have always made sure each of my shipments is fully insured before the set sail to their destination.

 Keep Your Investment Out of Danger

Choose the Best Insurance
As I trade a lot over in the Middle East I had to make sure I had the right insurance that would cover these areas. I made sure I asked for quotes first and found a company online that seemed to provide everything I needed. When you get insurance you should always check how easy they make the claims process. There are always rules to follow, but these should be made very clear on their website.

I also advise anyone that wants to have their cargo insured to use a reputable company.  Check to see how long they have been in business. The more experience they have the more situations hey will have sorted out, meaning their insurance will be appropriate for this type of situation. You should also look on the website to see if the insurers are regulated by the Financial Services Authority. So far I have only made one claim and I had no problems whatsoever.  Never take risks with your products; get insured so you can recover the costs of losses that could potentially damage your business.

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Kay Griffin
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Kay Griffin shares her interest in Cargo transportation, writing on behalf of Insure My Cargo.

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