Incredible Green Roofs From Around The World

There are many different things people enjoy visiting whilst travelling; historical and cultural sites, architectural attractions and iconic monuments are just a few. For the few individuals that are interested in green roofs, their structure and the environmental projects that surround them, there are various cities around the world that boast incredible green roofs. In this interesting and informative article, we look at some of the most amazing green roofs with innovative design and construction from numerous cities.

Incredible Green Roofs To Visit Around The World

Nine Houses, Switzerland

Switzerland has so much to offer many a traveller and this beautiful country also has one of the most innovative and different green roofs in the world. Located in the small city of Dietikon, there is a cluster of nine homes that quite resemble hobbit homes but what makes these homes so unique is that they are all covered with extensive green roofs.  The set of nine houses were built in 1993 by architect peter Vetsch and are made out of concrete but seem as though they are buried under the earth and grass.

Green home roof

The Solaire, United States of America

The US is no stranger to the eruption of green roofs, with people seeing their benefits for healthy cities and numerous environmental initiatives. Located in New York, The Solaire was the first green residential building in the US and was designed by Rafael Pelli and landscape architect Diana Balmori. Not only will you have a spectacular view of this amazing city, but you will be able to see where the innovation around green roofs began.

green roof

Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall, Japan

Japan is one of those elusive holiday destinations that many people would love to experience. Well if you enjoy green roofs and their innovative design and construction, then the Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall in Japan is definitely one to visit. This government building in Japan is more than just a green roof but is nearly completely covered in greenery. It features a whopping 35,000 plants representing 76 different species.

Chicago City Hall, USA

Another USA feature on the list of amazing green roofs to visit while travelling is based in Chicago and apart from the great tourist attractions of this city, the Chicago City Hall is one building that should be on the list of any individual that is looking for inspiring green roofs.  This is one of the most extensive green roofs and was created for both aesthetic and environmental advantages.

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