How to Keep Your Home Tidy this Christmas!

Christmas Day is almost upon us and if you have not already started thinking about how you are going to keep the house tidy you soon will.

This article will look at some hints and tips that will help you when the big day comes.

If like most people you like to put on a big spread at Christmas for your family then preparation is the key this is not just about the cleaning this to do with the whole day.
If you prepare all your vegetables on Christmas Eve you will be able to get all you rubbish out saving you a job on Christmas Day.

If you prepare you turkey at after you have got your veg done all you will need to do in the morning is put it in the oven to cook which will save you time and allow you to sit and watch your family opening their presents.

How to Keep Your Home Tidy this Christmas!

As we are all aware opening Christmas presents can become a bit untidy what with all the wrapping paper and possible wrapping from the new DVD’s that you have bought your hubby or from the new PlayStation Games that you bought for the kids.

To ensure that your Living room is kept tidy strategically place some bin liners in the room so that it is easy for the discarded wrapping paper to be disposed of.

Clean as you go
On the day try to keep the dishes to a minimum so when you have finished all your prep work, wash any dishes that you have used and put them away. Try to keep to one area this will help you to minimise any mess that you make which means that you will be able to clean up after yourself a lot quicker.

Another thing that you can do to ensure that you enjoy your day is enlist the help of the family so if you have kids that are old enough get them to wash and dry the dishes or even your partner.
If you have moved your dining table in to the sitting room get someone to move it back to where it should be before they settle down this will ensure that you and your family can sit back and relax and enjoy the big film that is on or even watch one of the DVD’s that you bought.

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