How to Host a Very Grown Up Christmas Party

If like most of us at this time of year, you’ve been scratching your head as to what to go with for a theme for that one off Christmas party in the home, fear not as I have managed come up with and borrow a few ideas and tips to make that all important event go with a swing – adult style!
 But first, we need to establish the fact that as its crimbo, a certain style, flavor and je ne sais quoi’ must not go amiss. Got that amigos? Great, so here goes!

We have to ensure that the party room of your choice is decked out in the correct colour scheme so for this year’s festivities I thought a splash of gold, blended with some purple would set the mood just right.
This theme could lend itself to Christmas crackers, table place mats, wine glasses and candle holders. Even a hint of silver may sit well with these two, but try not to overdo it.

Grown Up Christmas Party

Now the wrong choices made here can influence the whole evening so think carefully. A bit of mood music throughout the evening always goes down well. At the beginning or early part of the evening, go for some modern up-tempo sounds, but nothing too crazy. It’s an adult’s only evening, not a teenage acid house party.

 Christmas Party

Food & Drink
 Ah, now we’re cooking (literally). To get the palette working overtime, it would be churlish not to offer any newly introduced guests some light canapés with maybe some coffee and Baileys.  I recommend some Volovanes or Smoked Salmon parcels filled with asparagus and prawns for canapés, washed down with a Bucks Fizz courtesy of Remi Martin.
A very mature main course would be a roast duck or braised lamb shank followed by a dessert of raspberry ripple cheesecake and after eight mints (yes, very 80’s I know, but hey, all things retro and that). Later towards the end of the evening, you may be inclined to blow the dust of that bottle of port/sherry you’ve saved for special occasions.

The right tempo must flow throughout the evening, therefore all guests must be seen to be enjoying themselves and all tastes must be accounted for. A games room would be a good idea where you could have chess, backgammon or even a mini casino with fake money to spend (The Monopoly kind will do nicely).
Failing this, a few games where all the guests can participate such as charades should be a sure fire winner with all concerned.

In Summary
Last but not lease, you don’t have to be the life and soul of the party, but it helps. Don’t forget to let your hair down and enjoy yourself (without over doing it on the Sherry that is).

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