How to Get a Deposit Back on an Apartment

If your landlord does not give you a checklist, prepare your own documentation. Again, sign and date it, make a copy for yourself, and give the original to your landlord.
When you move out
  • Leave your apartment in pristine condition
Even if your lease says you're not responsible for "normal wear and tear," do everything you can to leave the apartment in spotless condition. Ask your landlord what's expected of you. It's a good idea to go beyond simple cleaning like vacuuming, dusting, and surface cleaning. Do a deep clean so that the apartment is as perfect as possible. If you've been renting for a significant period of time, things like carpet replacement or deep cleaning and repainting will almost certainly be necessary, so make sure you get that assurance in writing that you're not responsible for these things.

Do a final walk-through with your landlord yourself
After you move out, do a final walk-through with your landlord and get assurance in writing as to what your security deposit returns will be.

How to Get a Deposit Back on an Apartment

If you don't you get your security deposit back
If your landlord doesn't return your security deposit or gives you only a small portion of it back, you do have rights. There are laws that govern how long your landlord has to give your security deposit back; he or she must also explicitly document what any kept security deposit will be used for. Again, the documentation you've gotten from your landlord during your final walk-through will help you prove that only a given amount (if any) of the security deposit is going to be kept, and not the entire amount.

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