How to Ensure Proper Compensation is Received From Auto Insurance Companies

It can be very frustrating dealing with the insurance companies after a car or truck accident. Insurance companies can be cold and indifferent about accident claims. There are several techniques that insurance companies employ in an attempt to pay out the least amount of money possible for a customer’s accident. When involved in an incident such as truck accident, it is important to avoid being taken advantage. Consider hiring a professional within the state you are placing the claim because hiring a Truck accident lawyer enables you to collect the compensation you deserve.

Know What to Expect

First Offer

Regardless of whether you hire a professional, it is important to know what to expect. The initial offer from an insurance company will often appear fair and reasonable. The offer is typically made in a short amount of time. The reasoning for this is because the insurance company knows that victims need money for expenses such as truck repairs. This initial offer is often perceived as bait because the insurance company dangles money in front of the victim hoping they will bite and impulsively agree to the arrangement.

Auto Insurance Companies

Release Forms

There are several forms to be signed when the first offer is made. A lawyer can look over these forms and protect your interest. Signing forms too quickly can result in receiving less compensation. In some cases, signing forms can result in closing your claim, which releases the insurance company from paying anymore. Therefore, if additional repair costs, medical expenses or a loss of wages is experienced, the company will not be liable for reimbursement.

Declaring the Truck as Totaled

Insurance companies often declare damaged trucks as being completed totaled. Insurance companies then offer to pay a percentage of the true market value of the truck. This is where hiring a lawyer helps because an experienced truck accident lawyer can do the research needed to determine the real value of a truck. When an accident victim impulse decides and agrees to the first offer, it can also result in not receiving a fair estimate and therefore, payment for the truck. Insurance companies often want to declare the truck a total loss when the repairs and body work bills are projected to be high. This may come as a surprise but the theory is that insurance companies depend on drivers not knowing the true market value of their truck. Insurance companies strategize and make a low offer in hopes to intrigue the victim and have them agree to a deal that works in their benefit. A truck accident lawyer protects drivers by knowing if the insurance company is making a fair decision that the truck is indeed a total loss. If it is a fair decision the lawyer can also make certain the amount paid for the total loss is reasonable and fair.

Time delay

Another tactic that insurance companies often utilize is a time delay. The company will drag its feet when processing claims. Insurance providers bank on the fact that some drivers will be so relieved to have an offer, they end up settling for significantly smaller amounts than if the claim was handled the proper way. Some drivers even agree to an initial offer amount, which is usually way below the amount they are entitled to.

Tactics for Stalling

One method for time delay is the routing and the handling of telephone calls. Drivers are routed to different departments whenever inquiry calls are made about their truck accident claim. Return calls are also delayed for days. The insurance company will manipulate the situation so that drivers become impatient with the time delays. They goal is to wear the driver down so that eventually, he or she will accept any offer -- reasonable or unreasonable-- just so they can be finished with the entire process.

How to Ensure Proper Compensation

The best way to make certain proper and fair compensation from insurance companies is received is to hire an experienced Lawyer. As mentioned earlier, it is best to hire a legal professional within the state where the accident occurred. Therefore, if involved in a truck accident in New Jersey, it is best to hire New Jersey accident lawyer so they can  review forms, determine real loss values and work around time delays to get drivers proper compensation from the insurance companies.
Remember, it is always in the best interest of the insurance company to settle for the smallest amount possible. Although victims pay them and the personal on the other end of the conversation is sweet, they are working against their customer.

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