How Special Touches Make all the Difference

With all the major preparations needed to make a wedding happen, tiny details that could turn the day around can sometimes get overlooked in the mad rush towards that important date. It’s all well and good having the flowers ordered, the cake made and the color theme in place but what do those choices say about you and your partner as a couple and what will make your wedding stand out to your guests?

With a little thinking outside of the box you can turn your standard wedding into a day that is custom made for you, for example instead of the usual fireworks at the end of the evening you could try something just as visually stunning and send lanterns up into the sky with personalised ‘best wishes’ notes attached from your guests. They last much longer, are considerably cheaper to buy than fireworks, they don’t need much planning and can be viewed from indoors for up to an hour after being set off rather than standing outside during colder months. Unlike loud fireworks smaller children can get involved drawing pictures and scribbling notes and the photos make for impressive viewing for years to come.

Special Touches Make all the Difference

Placeholders are the most simplest and effective way of decorating a room whilst adding your personal touch with the added bonus that they can be taken away as a memento for your guests. They can fit easily within your theme with many couples now choosing to make their own although they can be just as cheap to buy in bulk. They can be as simple as picking up shells and pebbles from your favourite beach and painting each guests name on or as intricate a design as you can find from individual candelabras to pottery animals.

Balloons are often thought to look a little cheap or juvenile to have at a wedding but we’re not just talking about your average balloons here, you can now get pearlised, shaped, metallic, glittery…the colours, designs and shapes are endless and can be filled with pictures of the couple, personalised notes and confetti ready for popping.

The final magic touch to be ticked off are your wedding favours and this is an area where you can be as individual as your time and budget allows. Take inspiration from where you first met your partner, for example if your first date was to the circus you could include face paints, a squirting flower ring or tickets to the next show in town. If you want to make it about each individual guest and you know them particularly well you could include a personalised letter or their favourite flower or for close friends and family a small framed picture of you and your guest will give them something to cherish long after the confetti has been swept up.

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