How Men's and Women's T Shirts Have Come to Reflect the Same Popular Culture

In the 1950s the plain white t shirt was made fashionable by film icons such as Marlon Brando and James Dean. Originally, men’s t shirts were without any design on them, but a decade later this had changed, and women were now wearing t shirts, too.

From the late 1960s the t shirt became a way of making a personal statement, from opposing the war in Vietnam to displaying allegiance to a particular rock band. Commercial companies also recognised the marketing potential of t shirts, and knew that if their designs were cool enough youngsters would be more inclined to wear them. The result was free advertising.

T shirts and denim jeans pretty much became the uniform of the young from the 1960s onwards. They were comfortable and fashionable, and kids wanted to look cool.

Men's and Women's T Shirts

There were changes to t shirt design over the years, and the sweatshirt also became popular as an elongated version of the traditional tee. Changes to the t shirt itself were taken to extremes during the punk era in the UK in the 1970s, when a torn design was de rigueur. In the 1980s, sleeveless t shirts became a popular style of women’s and men’s t shirts, especially for athletic types, and in the '90s the crop top became a popular female fashion item.

With the t shirt an important vehicle of political expression, sometimes slogans weren't even necessary, as was underlined with one of the most iconic t shirts of them all, which consisted of a simple image of South American revolutionary Che Guevara. It became such a fashionable and eye-catching, if simply designed t shirt, that many who wore it probably didn't really know who Che Guevara was, or what he stood for! The t shirt was just so striking that people wanted to wear it.

Though the t shirt has been often been used as a way of rebelling it's something that has always been embraced by all classes in society. Its popularity has been helped the fact that it has always remained fashionable, but also by the fact that it is affordable at the same time.

In the 21st Century t shirts are still used in the same way as they've always been used - either to show off a cool design or to make a personal statement, or both. A collection of popular t shirts, decade by decade, from the '60s to the present day would be like a historical picture book, with popular slogans and popular figures of the time emblazoned on them.

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