How I Ruined My Best Friend's Hen Weekend

The title of ‘Best Friend of the Bride’ has its ups and downs. Good news: you get to help PLAN! Bad news: you HAVE to help plan. You also have to be joyously happy about her life and feign your exuberance when she suggests pukey-peach for the bridesmaids dresses. You do, however, have the privilege of planning the best night of her life (no, not the wedding); the Hen Do of course! There is that innate compulsion to throw money at every novelty, penis-shaped item and pump all of the funds into copious amounts of alcohol. These are obviously two very central elements to a successful hen party, but how much is too much? And what exactly can go wrong if the balance isn’t quite right?

Alcohol: The Bride-to-be gets slaughtered
And rightly so! Yes she should be sloshed and dancing on tabletops, but she should not be chain-drinking shots for hours on end and breaking her leg by falling off a table or walking into a door a sporting a black eye for her big day. Unbelievably, there should be limits to how much a blushing bride should drink on her hen night. If one is sober and ten is comatose, a healthy six-to-seven should do the trick! Being tactical with the timescale in which you’ll be drinking to avoid any early duckers so you have maximum time out with the girls.

How I Ruined My Best Friend's Hen Weekend

Cameras: The Incriminating Evidence 
Every Hen Night is littered with locking lips with strangers and (of course) some oiled-up men gyrating around a gaggle of lusty women. These events and photographic evidence do not mix, especially after 2 weeks in the Seychelles for your best-mate’s husband to be greeted by these explicit snaps of his wife! Photos should be contained within the pre-drinking stage when the eyes are not so bleary and the men aren’t even as half as naked as they would be later.

Emotions: The Slump
A simple combination alcohol and pre-wedding jitters, not only gets the bride re-thinking her life, but all the rest of the party too. Steer all conversation topics away from the following topics: the monotony of marriage, the cost of weddings and the way the husband-to-be bites his toenails. Other good topics to shun are: a life of singledom, a lack of love, and (as always) dieting. Everyone will become blithering, blubbering girls, plus throwing cameras into this mix produces the most desirable results either.

Jilting: Avoidance of this word is essential!
Getting the bride-to-be hung-up on any negative aspects of her future husband’s shortcomings will never help matters, particularly at this late stage in the game. With all these previous contributing factors (if all goes awry) combined with this particular topic of ‘jilting’ would be the final nail in the marital-coffin. Not only would the bride freak out over herself being jilted or the allure of jilting, it will ultimately be you who would suffer the consequences!

Take all of these points into account when planning the night which dictates the future of your friendship and of her marriage.

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