Hotel Housekeeping: The Backbone of the Hotel Industry

When we take holidays abroad, or even locally, do we give much thought to the housekeeping hotel staff and their laborious duties they undertake to make our accommodation as comfortable and clean as possible? Hotel housekeeping is not really give the credit it deserves. Many of these housekeepers dutifully perform the tasks of cleaning up after us for many years. Folding our clothes, changing the linen on our beds, fluffing our pillow, dusting the ornaments, and vacuuming the carpets, and yet people forget that housekeepers are the backbone of what makes a hotel great.

Keep Guests Coming back

Essentially dealing with all ancillary services as well as the cleanliness of hotels. Because hotels pride themselves largely on the accommodation they offer, the cleanliness and tidiness plays a huge part in garnering a great reputation. Hotel housekeeping is also responsible for ensuring that the cleanliness extends to health and that of the guests. Every surface is dusted, all linen changed and between each new guest checking in, a checklist of up to 100 points need to be ticked off. As hotel accommodation is the major revenue for these large chains, the ancillary services include dry cleaning, laundry, sewing, shoe polishing and customised guest services, which can be highly specialised for certain people.

Hotel Housekeeping

When guests leave a hotel one of their biggest gripes can often be that the hotel housekeeping was not up to scratch and for that reason alone, housekeepers are given strict training according to extreme rules and regulations. Hotels naturally aim to provide guests with the most comfortable accommodation, which includes a lovely ambience in the room, comfortable mattresses, soft pillows and carpeting, flowers, lovely colour schemes and 24-hour service, which often includes calling housekeepers at all hours to clean up a mess. The aim is to provide a luxury un-catered for anywhere else.

Housekeepers are the ghosts of hotels. They are largely unseen and unheard but housekeepers are the backbone of the hotel industry. Their responsibilities mean extreme attention to detail means guest satisfaction and meticulous room hygiene at all times.

Many guests spend more time in the rooms and as such they expect a certain degree of luxury and hygiene, and hotel housekeeping ensure this. As hotel revenue comes from the rooms, housekeepers are the ones who take on the responsibilities of ensuring guests keep coming back time and again to experience the luxury that they’re paying for.

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