Horse Riding in Norfolk - Five Best Bridal Routes

Norfolk has many attractions and welcomes visitors from all over the UK. Norfolk is ideal for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, walking and riding. Norfolk is considered a beautiful county on the east coast and famous for its broads, however, Norfolk also has some beautiful bridle paths that bring arresting scenery, forests and coastline that is breathtaking. There are numerous riding schools in Norfolk and it is not only famous for its water holidays. There are various bridle routes that can be downloaded online and riders are advised to check with rangers that all routes are accessible.

Horse Riding

Peddars Way
This ancient route is challenging and offers mixed ground with some climbs that are moderate in places. The route runs from Knettishill to the coastline and riders will be rewarded with stunning scenery. The route touches on the edge of Thetford Forest and most of the route is off-road and is also open to cyclists and walkers. The full route is over 60 miles long. This ancient bridle way offers two routes, one being the National Trail and is probably the most famous bridle way. This route skirts the borders of Suffolk and is combined with the Norfolk coastal path which is stunning and with low cliffs and miles of sandy dunes, riders will not be let down. There are routes to other bridle paths from Peddars Way and it is wise to have a bridle route map which will give you a detailed guide.

Thetford Forest
This is heaven for horse riders, giving free access to riders to the majority of the forest. Covering around 60 miles of forest, this route will enable riders to experience wildlife and the true beauty of this pocket of Norfolk. Unsullied by humans, it truly is a rider's paradise.

Hockwold cum Wilton
This route is approximately ten miles long and and mainly on tracks with some grassy ground. Cowles Drove features on this route with a lovely ride along the Ouse River.


Massingham is around 15 miles long and some of the route crosses with Peddars Way. This ride gives superb views over the valley to Great Bircham. To see colonies of grey squirrels, cross to Grimston Heath and watch the little families in action. Pass through the village of Little Massingham and through conifer plantations to Grimston Heath.

This route is mainly on soft grass paths with some minor roads and passes through the market town of Swaffam. Riders will be able to take arresting scenery of the west Norfolk hills and riders can link to Peddars Way from this route.
There are many routes which divert from Peddars Way. The Norfolk coastline offers ample riding routes, such as Holkham Bay which has a sandy stretch of beach that goes on for miles and ideal for a great gallop. Norfolk has a great expanse of land meaning riders have plenty of opportunity to gallop through this stunning corner of Britain.

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