Haunted Hot Spots in Yorkshire

A county so old and so filled with ancient buildings cannot help but accumulate a few ghost stories and takes of the paranormal.  There are buildings in the county, especially in the city of York itself, that are positively dripping in atmosphere.  The next time you pay a visit to the county try and book yourself into one of the haunted hotels or take a ghost walk around this incredible and ancient city and see if anything goes bump in the night.

The Golden Fleece, York
The Fleece is one of the oldest public houses in the city as it dates back as far as 1503.  According to the collection of both staff and customer sightings and first hand experiences there are believed to be an impressive count of fifteen spirits currently in residence in this public house.  This is a popular location for ghost hunters and the venue often holds overnight vigils attended by local paranormal investigation groups.  The most famous of the spectres is believed to be the spirit of Margaret Peckett, wife of the city’s former Mayor John Peckett who also used to own the hotel. She is often seen walking around the building in the early hours of the morning.

Haunted Hot Spots

Guisborough Hall Hotel, North Yorkshire
This impressive building has been around since 1856 and is believed to harbour the spirits of three individuals.  One of them is widely believed to be the spirit of a former butler at the hall.  Another is often seen loitering in the hotel lobby, whilst the third, believed to be the spirit of an older lady, can occasionally be spotted in some of the bedrooms and along the corridors, perhaps making sure that the housekeeping is all in order.  Guests at the hotel are often woken by strange noises in their rooms.

Bagdale Hall Hotel, Whitby – North Yorkshire
The pretty seaside town of Whitby is steeped in myth and legend and Bagdale Hall fits in very nicely.  As here it is the spectre of a former owner of the hall that keeps the current residents awake at night.  Executed for piracy, Browne Bushell is believed to have returned to Bagdale Hall after his death and can be heard clumping up and down the staircase of the hall in his boots.  There are also accounts of poltergeist activity and lights are known to switch on and off.  His ghostly apparition can occasionally be seen on the staircase too.

Yorkshire is an ancient county with a rich and colourful heritage. It is steeped in folklore and tales of the paranormal abound.  Come and say Hello-Yorkshire to the some of the older hotels and hostelries where not all of the guests checked out of their accommodation when it was time to leave.

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