Great Family Walking Routes in Norfolk

Norfolk, is a wonderful place to have a day out, walking with your family, It is located along the northern British coastline, and has a unique terrain that you can explore. The landscape if filed with cliff-tops, mudflats, salt marshes, and other scenic places that you can visit. Walking is a favourite pastime, among the community, and here are some of the popular walking routes that you can follow:

Short distance walking routes

– These are ideal, if you only want to take a walk for an hour or two.
1) Aylsham – This is a short route, which takes you along the outer fringes of the town of Aylsham. The walk begins at the Buttlands, a place historically known for archery practice, sanctioned by a law which existed between the 14th and 16th century. The walk links the long-walk routes of Marriott’s way, and Weaver’s Way.

2) The Bradenham Hall Parish Walk – This walk is approximately two and a half miles long, and has great footpaths to explore. It is a walk around the parish, and you have to get permission from Mr. Chris Alhusen of Brandenham Halls Farm. This route takes you through the farmland, and you can see various farming activities taking place. However, they do use plenty of pesticides, and other agro-chemicals, during the growing season, and it is not advisable to visit this walk during this season, especially if you have respiratory problems.

Walking Routes in Norfolk

3) Castle Acre – This is a 6 mile walk, starting at Castle Acre, a historic village, with eleventh century castles and the Clunaic Priory. The walk takes you along Peddar's Way, a national trail, old roads, and lanes, and finally back to the village, by following the River Nar. The Nar Valley has a Specific Scientific Interest notation, since it has unique flora, such as Yellow Rattle, and Meadowsweet.

Long distance walking routes 

– These are ideal, if you are fit, and can take long walks.
1) Marriott’s Way – This is a 26 mile trail, that is reputed to be the longest off-road route. It takes you through picturesque villages and a scenic countryside. It follows the track of the decommissioned railway that linked Reepham and Aylsham. There are plenty of flora and fauna, which you can enjoy seeing along the route. There are interesting village markers placed along the railway line, so you can know how far you are from the nearest village.
2) Boudicca’s Way – This is a 40 mile trail, and is named after the famed Queen of the Iceni. The route is historically themed, and takes you through the Tasburg Hill Fort and Caistor Roman Town. It will take you from Norwich, all the way to the town of Diss. This is a walk ideal for a camping weekend, since it will take you approximately 3 days to complete.

Walking Routes

3) Wherryman’s Way – This is a 35 mile route, which follows the course of the River Yare. The route takes you from Norwich to Great Yarmouth. It has ten different circular walks along the way, including the Berney Arms Windmill, and Reedham walks.
Whether you want to take a few hours out with your family, or take a camping trip, these walking routes will provide you with beautiful terrain to explore, and captivating flora and fauna to see.

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