Glam or Scam: Real Estate Agents in Hollywood Movies

Sharp-looking, witty and usually well off, estate agents seem to also have plenty of time to engage in all sorts of relationship dramas and even chase after criminals in their spare time. Find out which actors have acted as realtors glamming up or, adversely, not doing this profession much justice in the spectators’ eyes.

Ghost Hunter: Eddie Murphy
When it comes to selling old houses and dealing the ghosts within them, trust Eddie Murphy to do the job. In the 2003 film The Haunted Mansion he plays an estate agent dragging his family to a mansion that is up for sale. They soon discover the mansion is filled with ghosts which he has to lead to the light to save own wife. If nothing else, there are some family values to learn about here.

Part-time investigating: Harrison Ford
No one solves murders and sells properties like Harrison Ford, even if he’s not too talented in the latter. In Hollywood Homicide (2003) he investigates the murder of four rappers while trying to get out of debt. Needless to say, not only does he put the villains behind the bars but also brokers the deal.

Falsely Accused: Luke Wilson
Life’s not always milk and honey for those in the real estate business as Luke Wilson finds himself jobless, homeless and his marriage going downhill in Meeting Evil (2012). As if it wasn’t enough, the authorities start chasing him as a suspect for a series of killing he didn’t commit. Did your mum ever tell you not to open the door to a stranger?

Revengeful: Elizabeth Montgomery
Montgomery stars as real estate agent Gayle Wolfer in the fact-based 1992 drama With Murder in Mind who nearly gets killed by a man who she’s showing a house to. Upon recognising her attacker at a county fair, she proves the estate agents aren’t to be messed with and takes him to court.

Money-Hungry: Demi Moore
From shady to saucy, real estate agents sometimes have to face hard financial dilemmas such as whether a million dollars is enough to spend a night with a stranger. Given you’re broke, of course, like Demi Moore in 1993 film Indecent Proposal, where she plays a real estate broker struggling to pay off the loan while gambling on the last of her money in Vegas. A legit choice.

Ambitious and Obsessive: Anette Bening
Her more successful role portraying real estate agents was playing the materialistic and obsessive wife in 1999 hit American Beauty Anette Bening, for which she was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

To add to the list, another film is coming out in January 2013 with Jennifer Lopez as a real estate agent. The hottest buzz about the movie is that Ms Lopez strips down to her undies, a privilege most internet estate agents are probably deprived from. As if Demi hadn’t contributed to this image enough.

So what are your thoughts on being an estate agent these days? Is it really posh or a little overrated?
Louise Blake
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