Get Your Employees To Play A Fun Football Tournament

Not trying to be judgmental about the way office folks live but all of us who go to office share certain characteristics. Of course, there will always be exceptions but the general idea is that, most of us get up, head to work and return. Some of us, who are sticklers to fitness, may in fact go out for jogging thrice a week, swim for an hour every Tuesday. Some of our friends might have taken to gaming using interactive consoles such as Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect to keep ourselves fit.

Yet, the fact of the matter is, we are far from our best shape. However, we still like to have fun, and if the human resource department experts who are supposed to keep us in a happy place at our place of work, are more than aware of that. Still, you still have things like team building, recreation that is part of every office equation. There are a few different ways of handling such team motivation tasks and one could make it extremely boring by making their employees sit through hours and hours of presentations on team building.

Alternatively, they could organize some kind of sports which everybody can enjoy and while they are having fun, the human resource people can get their missions of team motivation accomplished too. Sometimes, it is possible to knock down two birds with one stone. That is just a phrase, because, it would be odd if you decided to venture out to the nearest park to knock down birds for real. The idea we are proposing is to create, some sort of a win-win situation.

Fun Football Tournament

One such situation is to play the smaller version of a football match called as Five A Side Football or Six A Side Football. Once you know more about it, you will realize that you can add organizing football tournaments to your to do list for your company outing plans or employee motivation events and such.

There are a number of modifications that this kind of match brings with it, and most of them well suited to the target market, one of which happens to be employees of a company. In fact, the facilities and rules of this type of football matches and tournaments as the case may be, is very much in line with the demography of folks you would find in an office.

Rule Changes
If you are the manager responsible for team building activities of your team, and you picked Five-A-Side Football, then the most important rule you have to know about is the substitute’s rule, which is extremely flexible. This is something you have to communicate with your team members very carefully for if you forget to mention this, you may not have enough employees participating in the match anyway.

For every office employee, asking him to run for more than a few minutes and keep kicking the ball while at it is a challenging prospect indeed. He or she may be able to do it, but chances are they can’t. It might even hurt their ego if they find out that people will catch them huffing and puffing for air in the middle of the match. In Five-A-Side football, there is a solution for this and that is unlimited substitutes.

That’s right. The moment an employee gets tired, he can just retire from the match, allow another player to step into his shoes. Later, when that employee gets tired, he can switch with another player who has had enough rest. Each team can keep doing this as much as they want and nobody is going to cry foul on that because it is part of the modified rules of the Five-A-Side match.

Modified Grounds
As are the modifications in place for the player’s changes and number of players active at any point of time on the ground, there are more practical changes too. For instance, the ground is much smaller compared to a regular football ground. This is obvious because the organizers of the match don’t want your employees to run far too much and exhaust themselves.

The second modification is that in most cases the entire field is covered in some kind of a net so that the ball does not escape from the boundaries of the ground. This saves a lot of hassle and time for your players.

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