Get on the Cupcake Trend!

Cupcakes; simple, stylish and delicious. It’s little wonder the world has gone cupcake crazy in recent years and they have firmly become the cake of choice for weddings, birthdays, funerals, christenings or just a Friday night in with your friends.

With the economical move towards home baking and downsizing the amount of food we buy, cupcakes are the perfect alternative to traditional large cakes that are often thrown out after just a few days due to the sheer size of them. They give a sense of nostalgia, of memories of cake baking in the kitchen when we were younger and recipes and techniques that grandma taught you.

The ease of cupcakes means it is something that can be done as a last minute gift or with children if you have a spare half an hour and they don’t need anything more than your basic ingredients of sugar, eggs, flour and butter. The two most popular flavors are chocolate and plain with a little vanilla essence but you can add any type of flavoring such as baileys, white chocolate or cinnamon. They can be filled with butter cream or chocolate if you scoop out the middle with a spoon and the remains added to the top and placed in butter cream or icing to create a ‘butterfly cake’.

Get on the Cupcake Trend!

Cake Decoration
The decorating part can take as long as you like and be as personal or as intricate as you have the time and skills for. Your local supermarket will stock rainbow sprinkles, gems, sugar paper, silver balls, strawberries, cherries and jellybeans to effectively decorate your cupcakes.

Cupcakes Make Great Gifts
Cupcakes make a great gift and you’d be hard pushed to find anyone who wouldn’t enjoy a personalised cake. You can add a picture of the receiver to the icing using a specialist company if you want to go all out or separate the picture out onto each cupcake for a jigsaw effect. Pipe on letters to each cupcake spelling out your message such as ‘We will miss you’ or ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ or decorate your cakes with their favourite items such as a mini handbag, an animal or designer logo. You can make them seasonal with a sprig of holly and the traditional red, white and green colours of Christmas or Halloween themed cakes with orange and black cake mixture colours and icing decorations in the shape of skeletons and spiders.

If baking doesn’t come naturally to you there are plenty of evening classes that specialise in getting you up to speed and showing beginners to advanced the tips and techniques it takes to become a cup cake queen.

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