First Holiday Abroad With The Kids

After a few months of sleepless nights with your new baby, there is one thing you really need – a holiday. But taking your kids abroad for the first time can be a stressful experience, especially if you are a single parent and are setting off on your own with a small child.

A successful first holiday abroad with kids usually relies on one thing – location, location, location.
Travelling can be the most unnerving part of taking children abroad for the first time – but it is possible to take children abroad painlessly and the first consideration is choosing a destination which is close to home and can be reached on a short flight or car ferry ride away.

You may yearn to get back to Ibiza or Magaluf and relive some of the fun you had before you became parents, but babies and small children may not be as enthusiastic as you are about hot weather, strange food (and anything mummy or daddy has not made will seem strange) – or a new bed to get used to in unfamiliar surroundings.

First Holiday Abroad With The Kids
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Even tiny babies are aware of their environment and bright lights, loud music or noise, and food which tastes different can make them feel extremely insecure and upset, so it is important to reassure your child when you take them on holiday.

Holiday illness and accidents
Taking children abroad can also mean that your child develops illnesses like sickness and diarrhoea, sunburn or sunstroke or dehydration. Even playing in the sea and on the sand can be risky, as children may develop heat rash, a sand rash or prickly heat, as well as allergies and insect bites.
Holiday sickness and diarrhoea is entirely preventable, but too often hygiene lapses at all inclusive hotels can mean little ones become ill and it can be life threatening if children become severely dehydrated.

Ear infections from swimming and pain from the change in air pressure when flying can affect children on holidays abroad – and not being able to sleep or feeling afraid in their hotel room because everything is different is another potential problem when taking children on holiday abroad.
Be careful round the pool also, as most holiday drowning accidents take place within 24 hours of arrival, when parents are stressed and tired and may not be able to be as watchful in a new environment as they would be at home.

Children are more prone to accidents or illness on holiday. If someone in your family suffers from either, ensure you go down the route of claiming holiday compensation.
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