Festive Florals: Seasonal Flower Arrangements for Christmas Time

Festive Florals: Seasonal Flower Arrangements for Christmas Time
Holly, ivy, mistletoe, poinsettia – we all know the traditional festive floral fare, yet if you’re looking for something a little different this Winter, there are many less-known Midwinter foliage and flowers you can choose to add a splash of color and some natural seasonal beauty to your noel. In this article we’ll be taking a look at some of the lesser known Winter blooms which make gorgeous seasonal decorations and stunning Christmas gifts too.

Winter Roses
Hellebores, also known as Winter or Christmas roses, are beautiful seasonal blooms which appear in the colder months. With a pretty star-like shape and a gorgeous array of shades, the Hellebore is a lovely addition to Christmas posies, bouquets, arrangements and gifts.

Winter Roses

Rose Hips
Mistletoe’s white berries and the red berries of Holly are all very well, but rose hips also appear late in the year and offer an extra texture and colour to any arrangement. These almond-shaped berries are elegant and very attractive.

Iris Unguicularis
These stunning irises are a strong purple with intricate markings and are extremely hardy, making them appear all the more jewel-like in the deep mid-Winter. With a sweet scent and unusual shape, this flower looks stunning contrasted with the seasons paler blooms, mistletoe or snowdrops.

Daphne Bholua
This lovely Daphne is often known by its common name, Jacqueline Postill. This is one of the most beautifully scented Winter flowering plants. With gorgeous white blooms, edged with deep purple, this is a lovely centerpiece flower for the Winter which looks as elegant as a simple, stand-alone spray as it does in an extravagant bouquet.

Daphne Bholua

Richly coloured Begonia varieties bloom most of the year round. The Winter months are no exception and gorgeous Begonia flourish in creamy colours including red, white, pink and yellow. To add a colourful twist to your Christmas flower arrangements, use a range of Winter-flowering Begonia, or for a more classic look, try limiting your palette to just white and red tones.


These may be well known Winter flowers, yet they really aren’t given enough love as seasonal decorations. They may be small but, they really are perfectly formed. Their size means that snowdrops are best used alone in small posies, delicate yet beautiful.

Winter Aconite
To add a golden glow to your Winter arrangements, choose Winter aconites. Again, these are small, delicate flowers, best used for little arrangements and pretty little table decorations.
As you can see, a Winter floral colour palette is not restricted to red white and green. You can create stunning twists on traditional Christmas flowers with a little horticultural knowledge and some creativity.

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