Feng Shui Predictions for 2013

Feng Shui annual predictions come from various sources. We can talk in very general terms, when it comes to global predictions or directionology regard to the house and specific comments on the individual person to his date of birth.

In this Year of the Snake is supposed to be a good year for some people, but not necessarily those who are born in the year of the snake, as the years 1953, 1965, 1977, or 1989. For example, we have five different types of snake people (water, wood, fire, earth, metal or snakes). If it sounds a bit like Chinese astrology, this is because the two work very well together predictive arts. In general, we can say that the year of the snake can be even more difficult for people born in the year of the pig, because these two signs are always in opposition to each other.

On a larger scale, it can refer to the instructions of the snake and pork as vulnerable to accidents or accidents in the year of the Snake. When referring to any type of card, these addresses are from the center, so that, of course, there will be overlapping influences. The direction of the snake S / SE and pork address is N / NW. If you did not know before, now you know what the signs of the zodiac are related to time and direction!

Feng Shui Predictions for 2013

If you try to locate these instructions regarding the country in which you live or the state in which we live, these addresses are in regard to the geometric center of the country or state.
These predictions can be taken down to a single city or in a common Feng Shui professional, your home or your business.

While Chinese astrology teaches a repeat cycle of 12 years in a cycle of a great year 60, in Feng Shui have a repetitive cycle of 9 and 20 years Eras. For example, the same annual energy go into his room in 2013 is the same energy that resided there in 2004. If your room is located in the south-east, then 2013 can be more romantic encounters. The annual Five Star is yellow in the center (not technically a sense) and that affected many Chinese metaphysical 5 Star Yellow is associated with pain and disaster in modern times in which we live to have this kind of energy in the center of each structure or central core of each city or country, may indicate an increased tendency of agitation, arguments, conflicts or accidents. And since we live in the period 8 (2004-2024), this combination of energies "land" may also suggest a higher incidence of earthquakes or other natural phenomena related to land, which could include drought or landslides or something related to the earth ends.

5 Star Yellow is related to setbacks or delays and yet I can not say that everyone on the planet is used with this type of final energy. This is where the individual destiny and the house in question. For example, a person can live in a house at the annual meeting of two stars of the disease and health can be at your door in 2013 (southwest), and the outlook for the year may not be as good that someone fronting welcome to the annual eight wealth star (north-east) in 2013. In Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Star School) the age of the house can not always determine more than the experiences of occupants is that annual cycles. But the annual cycles act as a trigger for latent energies more. As a theoretical example, towards the south is associated with a greater potential for a fire in 2013, and if this force annual binds to the surface of a floor plan and is vulnerable to fire, and the annual cycle can be up to the last drop. In contrast, the annual rate of 9 star fire could join the positive energy and really make a great fortune to someone. Therefore, competent and comprehensive assessment should be carried out, the discovery of the uniqueness of each property.

One aspect of the singularity and the year 2013 will "star" in each direction corresponds to the intrinsic element of each of the eight basic directions. For example, the annual star 1 is in the North in 2013. Both the star and one resonance North with water element. The annual report of seven metal begins to the west and the west is in itself an address "metal" type. What this will do is intensify the positive and negative influences from all directions.

Historically, these passages of time were taken so seriously that the Chinese emperors wear dresses color associated with seasonal cycles or greater at the time. My best advice for those who are really interested in its potential for the year is to hire the services of a highly skilled astrologer, Feng Shui master or fortune teller Nine Star Ki to deepen the stars and that If they have to tell you personally, beyond the superficial. Otherwise, the general expectations are that, in general.

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