Don't Fear The Desk: Creating A Stress-Free Work Environment

Desk jobs are usually safe and stable. They are virtually harmless, at least when compared to construction, police work, or any other job where things fall and people get dangerous. But just because we’re out of real harm’s way doesn’t mean your desk job is leaving you completely intact.

Regardless of your job or industry, work can be and usually is stressful. But we work hard and put up with what me must so we can get that paycheck come Friday. However, your eight-hour days don’t have to be a completely grueling experience. You don’t have to grind your teeth, crack your knuckles, or step outside for a quick “scream-your-head-off” to escape the every day stressors an office job can cause. Instead, there are a few easy tips and tricks to make sure your day goes by smoothly and enjoyably.

Apart from deadlines, annoying coworkers, and a broken coffee machine, stress can be hiding in a place you’d never even think to look: your office set up. Take a look at the ergonomics of your workspace. Get a chair that puts your posture upright and firm, levels your hands directly above the keyboard, and your knees are lined up with your hips. Next, avoid anything that would put you in awkward angles, like handheld phones (try a headset) or low-sitting monitors (try a stand). Make sure regularly used objects are nearby so you don’t have to stretch, bend, and search for them. And if you have the means, get near a window so you don’t have to strain your eyes under harsh fluorescent lights that can cause headaches.

Stress-Free Work Environment

Personalize Your Space
Work doesn’t have to be all work, does it? Surround yourself with meaningful pictures or knick-knacks to keep your mood elevated throughout the day. Pictures from family vacations, a signed baseball, or even just a birthday card from your grandma might do the trick. If you’re allowed to, bring flowers or lightly scented diffuser sticks to give your workspace an aesthetic and aromatic appeal. If you enjoy being the space you’re in, chances are you’ll be more productive and happier about the whole ordeal. Find ways to personalize your workspace that speak to you and aren’t a distraction to others. You’ll be happy as soon as you punch in!

Safe Snacks
Stress can commonly lead to overeating. A stressful day at work might make me you take one too many trips to the snack machine or even fill up on doughnuts in the break room. If this happens one too many times and you notice an increase in weight gain, this can cause even more stress. However, you don’t have to throw all food out the window. After all, food is still comforting. Instead, try keeping healthy snacks around that are safe for tough times. Maybe keep a bag of carrots and some low fat ranch in the fridge. Look for healthy munchies at the grocery store that are easy to bring to work, as well. Unsalted almonds and dehydrated fruit are great examples. They’ll last a while and make you feel better so you can still have the comfort you need for those tough days.

Take Your Breaks
We’ve all had those deadlines that are quickly approaching and all other priorities just go out the window. First and foremost, plan ahead so you’re never down to the wire. This alone will keep your stress levels down and the quality of your work up. But sometimes, long nights or non-stop days are unavoidable. In these situations, it’s best to force yourself to keep taking small breaks, even if only to get up for some water. Regular mini breaks will keep your body rejuvenated, will allow your legs to get a good stretch, keep your back from stiffening up, and overall, help you concentrate as soon as you get back to the grind. If you can’t get away from your desk, let your eyes wander from the computer screen every five or ten minutes to give them a break from the constant glare and information. This way, your eyes won’t glaze over and you’ll stay alert for longer.

Stress can follow us just about anywhere, but experiencing it in the work place is never ideal. Not only do you have to grin and bear it, but you have to do so for eight hours a day. Relieve yourself little by little by setting up your office to work for you, and not the other way around. A stress-free work environment can be more than a breath of fresh air; it can lead to improved work quality, higher productivity levels, and not to mention a happier you. Rid your workspace of stressors and be on your way to a happier work place…and you thought that was just an oxymoron!

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