Criminal Brought To Justice For Poor Mobility Aids

In the latest public interest story which has caught my attention, a man from Nottingham has been jailed for six months after mis-selling mobility products to the elderly.

John Cooney had already signed an order for fair trade after over 120 complaints were filed against him in 2010; often about goods simply not arriving after they’d been ordered. After continuing to mistreat customers Mr. Cooney was jailed for six months, admitting to 49 breaches of the Enterprise Act.

His company closed down in January 2011 and whilst we can all be glad that someone who would target elderly people and withhold such useful products from them is no longer able to trade, it’s important to consider the wider issues.

The elderly are often targeted by unscrupulous individuals and the behaviour of this company shows the lengths certain people will go to take the scarce money they have from them. Of course, it’s important not to judge all companies by their standards and there are plenty of firms who pride themselves on a high quality of service.

Criminal Brought To Justice For Poor Mobility Aids

Targeting the elderly

More than just unethical and illegal business methods, Mr. Cooney and his business partners’ behaviour show an unfortunate tendency to target the elderly. The biggest problem was that Mr. Cooney hid behind a seemingly legitimate business, which made it easier to deceive the public.
As such, it’s important that elderly members know who they can trust. Cash in hand traders should be avoided, as should doorstep sellers. You can even get hold of free signs for your front door which alert tradesmen to the fact you don’t buy or sell at the door if you really want to drive the message home.

Mobility aids

Despite the misfortune the likes of Mr. Cooney can bring on other people, especially the elderly, we shouldn't take anything away from mobility aids. They do, after all, have a unique purpose to fulfil and we shouldn’t judge the products by one bad experience. There are plenty of reliable and legal dealers out there who are more than happy to help when it comes to such mobility products.
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This article has been wiritter by John Mueller, a Local Council supporter living in Sheffield.

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