Cornwall - A Truly Unique Experience

Cornwall is situated in the far south-west peninsular of Great Britain. Popular with day trippers and seaside loving holiday makers, Cornwall is bursting at the seams with things to see and do, from dramatic cliffs and secluded coves to classic culture and boutique shopping.

If you are visiting Cornwall, here are a few attractions peculiar to the area, which help make a trip to Cornwall a special and unique experience:

The Cornish Pasty
Although the pasty has been around for much longer, it is during the last 200 years that it has really acquired its Cornish identity. Originally eaten by the poorer working class, the ingredients of the pasty were cheap - potatoes, swede and onion. It was only later on that meat was included in the recipe.

Cornwall - A Truly Unique Experience

Formed in a 'D' shape with a crimped crust, the pasty often provided a basic lunch for farmers and mine workers, being robust and easy to hold. It is said that the crust provided a convenient handle for dirty hands which was later thrown away.

Formed in 2002, The Cornish Pasty Association is a group of Cornwall's pasty makers who work to ensure the traditional quality, recipe and reputation of the pasty is not compromised.

Cornwall See Rocks

The Minak Cliff-top Theater
Built almost 80 years ago and situated four miles from Land's End, the Minak Theatre is a world famous open-air theatre which is open all year round (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day). The theatre holds a capacity of 750 people in an amphitheatre style. The dramatic backdrop to the open-air stage is the ocean beyond. Open to the elements, the theatre hosts a variety of shows from operas and male voice choirs to Shakespearean plays, jazz orchestra and famous recording artists.

Cornwall City

Cornish Ice Cream
Cornish ice cream is traditionally made with clotted cream, which is basically unpasteurised cows' milk which has been heated slowly and then allowed to cool. The cream rises to the surface forming 'clots'. Cornish ice cream has a creamy-yellow appearance but can also be used as a base for other flavours to be added. Making organic Cornish ice cream 'on the farm' is big business nowadays with quite a few of these farms opening their doors to tourists.

Tin Mining
Cornwall was once the world leader in tin mining and production, with a history stretching back almost 4,000 years. There are 10 main mining areas throughout Cornwall. Some sites are no more than ruins but there are some mines remaining that have been developed into tourist attractions which give the visitor an insight into mining conditions from the 18th and 19th century.

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