Cheap Night Date Ideas -- How to Create the Perfect Evening

Sick of doing the same ol' thing on date night?  Here's an idea -- how about a relaxing, romantic night in surrounded by a fabulous bounty of food choices, all prepared by a skilled chef and delivered to your door?! If that won't impress your sweetie, nothing will!
Granted, it sounds complicated, but this idea is easy to pull off -- and you'll end up looking like a pure genius!

First, assemble your menu.  How about an Italian feast on a budget?
Tantalize your senses with the fragrance of fresh herbs and virgin olive oil.  Begin with a platter of luscious Bruschetta (crispy Italian bread covered in fresh Roma tomatoes and crisp basil).  Or, how about wafer-sliced mushrooms bathed in a sauce of butter and white wine?  Sumptuous yes!  Expensive?  No!

dinner at beach

For your main course, how about a gourmet lasagna?  Instead of the classic noodles, personalize your selection with spinach ricotta ravioli smothered in a heavenly blend of cream sauce and fresh Bolognese, and layered with thin sliced ham and gourmet cheeses.  You (and the lasagna) will be the star of the show!

Relax, you're still under budget.  It's time for desert.  How about some heavenly chocolate mousse!  For that extra touch of romance, scoop this goodness into a champagne flute and enjoy the magic.
And, speaking of magic, don't forget the wine.  Your best choice might be a fruity Merlot.  Or, perhaps a Shiraz.  The chef will have your wine delivered to you, right alongside your gourmet food selections.  Choose the house blends, and save a bundle.

night dinner

Maybe you're more the spontaneous type.  No problem, the chefs await your order.  How about some easy and delicious Indian?

Nothing's better than a tray of Samosa pastry -- a fragrant blend of peas and potatoes stuffed into a flaky pastry crust and deep fried to perfection.  Fabulous and ridiculously affordable!
Next up, consider a pungent chicken or meat kabob, perfectly seasoned and grilled to perfection.  Are the two of you more inclined to a romantic spicy treat?  Try chicken Vandaloo, tender moist chicken chunks bathed in a legendary blend of curry and roasted spices.  Serve with the chef's signature flat bread, Naan, and impress your date with a seemingly perfect spontaneous meal.

Round off your meal, of course, with the perfect brew.  How about a Carlton Draught?
For your finale, consider classic Indian ice cream, Pistachio Kulfi.  If you really want to show off your cosmopolitan tastes, select Gulab Jamun, a mouth-watering crispy fried Indian dumpling overflowing with crispy walnuts and covered in exquisite honey syrup.  How sweet are you!
And you thought it was a challenge to create the perfect cheap date.  Ordering in has never been so easy, or so delicious!

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