Buying Items in Bulk, such as Jeans and Boys' Button Down Shirts, to Save Money

When you compare little boys with little girls, there’s no doubt that boys will always be a little messier and a little rougher when they play. From playing in the mud, to running amok during school, it’s hard to keep boys clean – let alone all of their clothes. If you’re finding that your young son is coming home with grass and dirt stains everyday from school, it may be wise to start stocking up on clothing essentials to last throughout the school year. Here are some standard boys’ clothes that you can buy in bulk to ease up on your loads of laundry.

Jeans and Boys' Button Down Shirts
  • One of the items that gets the most wear and tear is jeans. How many times have you tried washing grass stains out of the knee on each pant leg? You can spend hours over the sink trying to scrub out those pesky stains with warm water and soap, but they will never come out. Look for deals on boys’ denim throughout the year and stock up when they’re on sale. Save the fancier jeans for family gatherings so that you don’t feel bad when you see your son rolling around in the dirt in his play jeans.
  • If your son goes to a private school, you’ll already have quite a few boys’ Oxford shirts. Pick up some other boys’ button-down shirts on such sites as Vineyard Vines for him to wear when he’s outside playing with friends and running around the block. You can never have too many shirts, and when they become stained or ripped from playing too hard outside, you’ll have a few to spare. Keep an eye out for markdowns at your favorite retailer or subscribe to newsletters from your favorite online shops so that you’re always in the know on weekly deals.
  • Socks are another item of clothing that see much wear and tear. If they’re losing pairs of socks in the washer or underneath their beds, it’s likely that your sons will go through socks at an alarming rate. Look for socks in bulk, or in sets of five or more, to see great savings.
  • Boxers and boys’ underwear are another thing you can buy in bulk. Mark a specific date on your calendar to incorporate a new rotation of boxers so that your son will always have a fresh pair to put on. Luckily, these items are affordable, so you won’t ever feel like you’re spending too much money.
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