Benefits of BBQ Gas Grills

The great debate rages on among bbq enthusiasts. Which is better: gas or charcoal? Charcoal lovers will tell you that nothing beats the flavor of charcoal and that there's no comparison to a nice, hot bed of charcoals for grilling your meats and other delectables. However, unfortunately for charcoal lovers, a gas bbq grill burns much cleaner than a charcoal grill does. Burning charcoal for grilling puts out more pollutants into the environment than burning a gas grill. Additionally gas grills take less time to heat up, decreasing the amount of time you'll have to wait before you can get cooking. With gas bbq grills, you also have greater control over your cooking temperature, and you pay less to operate a gas grill. Propane and natural gas tanks are easier to store than charcoal, and cleaning up after gas grilling is much easier and less time consuming than cleaning up after grilling with charcoal.

Benefits of BBQ Gas Grills
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Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of cooking with propane or natural gas is undoubtedly less than cooking with charcoal. Grilling with charcoal releases approximately 100 times the amount of carbon monoxide than a propane grill does as well as double the amount of carbon dioxide. Charcoal also emits hundreds of pollutants called VOCs or volatile organic compounds into the air. In addition, many people use lighter fluid to get a charcoal fire burning or use coals with lighter fluid already added. Lighter fluid also releases harmful VOCs and petrochemicals into the atmosphere. The use of lighter fluid is also the number one leading cause of outdoor grilling injuries.

Why the Outdoor Chef Will Love a Gas Grill

Gas grills also take less time to heat up and give you or the bbq chef in your life greater control over cooking temperatures. Although charcoal grills get hotter than gas grills, gas grills take less time to heat up before they're ready for you to cook on them. Gas grills only take about 10 minutes before they are fully ready for grilling. Charcoal grills, on the other hand, can take up to 20 minutes or more, and they are much more prone to interference from environmental influences like lack of air flow, damp weather or high winds. Additionally, charcoal grills don't allow you an easy way to control the cooking temperature, and you have a only a short window of time where the coals are hot enough to cook with. Gas grills, on the other hand, allow you to adjust the temperature by adjusting the knobs on the grill's front, just like using a gas stove.

Other Benefits of Gas BBQ Grills

Costs of operating a gas grill are less than half of the costs required to operate a charcoal grill. Gas grills also provide easy storage-the gas tank gets stored right along with the grill. If you buy an extra tank, you can store it near your grill. Charcoal bags are much bulkier and messier, and it takes multiple 20 lb bags of charcoal to equal the amount of cooking fuel (about 20 hours) provided by one tank of gas.

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