Accessorising With Chunky Knits This Christmas

Remember the summer, when it was warm and you could leave the house with just a dress and a light cardie on to stay warm? Yeah... seems like a long time ago to me too. Winter seems to have crept up on us pretty quickly over the past couple of weeks and as a result, I spent my weekend rooting though the back of my wardrobe in search of my coziest jumpers, gloves and hats.

The fruits of my labour? Well, they weren’t that great as I obviously hit that age-old problem where something I loved a year ago no longer appeals to me. You might not think your style changes very much, but you’d be surprised.

So what’s the solution? It’s time to pack my old jumpers into a charity bag, hit the shops and go in search of some new woolly knits to beat the freezing temperatures we’re bound to have again this winter. You’ve gotta love living in the UK...
I’m a huge fan of the chunky knit trend and this year I’m going to be investing in a few jumpers as well as plenty of warm accessories. Oversized knitted scarves, bobble hats and Aztec prints on loose cardigans are all on trend this season, but you need to get the look right. So how should you style your new purchases?

Chunky Knits

Knitted jumpers
It’s important to ensure you create shape if you’re wearing chunky knits or your outfit will look baggy and unflattering. Use a smart leather belt to cinch in your waist if you’re wearing a chunky knitted cardigan or jumper over a dress or skirt and top.

Similarly, instead of wearing chunky boots go for a pair of ankle boots with high heels. These will help to add height and also elongate your legs, which is just what you need if you’re wearing something chunky on top. Go for fur-lined boots if you want something extra cute and wintery to suit the season.

Don’t go too overboard when accessorising a chunky knitted jumper or it will be too much. A single large, colourful cocktail ring will be perfect, while you could also go for a necklace – both a long pendant or a statement necklace will be fine as long as the jumper isn’t too busy.

Get your layering right
Even the warmest of jumpers don’t always keep out a bitter winter chill – but layering can be your saviour. But be warned – only the jumper should be thick. Make sure anything else is a fine jersey material or a light vest – it should create warmth not bulk. A fitted pencil skirt or skinny jeans will do a great job of balancing out a chunky knit depending on whether your outfit is for the weekend or work.

Try knitted accessories
Knitted items don’t just have to be jumpers and cardigans. You can get great oversized knitted scarves that become part of your outfit, rather than being something you throw on at the last minute to keep you warm. Well, of course they’ll do a great job of keeping you cosy as well, but you can experiment with the rest of your outfit to create a complete look.

Just the same as with jumpers, it’s all about balancing the look and pairing heavier items with lighter fabrics. If you’ve got a huge scarf with chunky mittens and a bobble hat choose classic trench coat instead of a duffle coat or you’ll look trussed up and as if you’re about to go on an Arctic expedition.
The main thing to remember when wearing chunky knits and accessories is not to throw it all on at once. Yes, you want to be warm, but you don’t want to look as though you’ve gained a stone over night. Layer thick jumpers and scarves with thinner materials and add some heels to make you feel a million dollars – no matter how cold you are!
Perter Stuart
About the Author:

This guest blog was contributed by Perter Stuart a freelance writer who wants to help you find the best womens knitwear to stay warm this winter.

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