A Cubic Zirconia Ring From Ti Sento Makes A Good Gift

Ti Sento designer house are master craftsmen in silver jewellery and their best designs are with Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia.  Of course no stone can match up to the beauty of a diamond, but the Cubic Zirconia more popularly known as CZ has its own charm and beauty.

The value of the diamonds depends on its clarity and size.  The more the clarity the higher the price, and thus affordability becomes an issue.  The same is the case with Platinum or white Gold.  Both the precious metals are expensive.  Platinum is a classic choice for diamond jewellery, thanks to its white color.  But it is out of reach of most of the people.  It is one of the rare metals and hence the price.  This is one of the main reasons for Cubic Zirconia being popular.  The manufacturing techniques have improved so much over the years that there are 100% clear stones made available for jewellery.  Sterling Silver makes a perfect combination for a classic jewel as it can be contemporary or traditional in design.

A Cubic Zirconia Ring From Ti Sento

The designer house works with the aim of making designer fashion jewellery more affordable.  Hence their choice of metal is silver and Cubic Zirconia takes the place of diamonds and they produce some exquisite designs that may be difficult to differentiate from Platinum and diamonds.

Silver Ti Sento Cubic Zirconia rings are some of the best available in their category.  They are becoming popular with young couples as a choice for engagement and wedding rings.  Affordability is the biggest attraction.  As much as it suits every person’s budget, it does not in any way look like a cheap imitation piece of jewellery.  Cubic Zirconia rings are just the right gifts for weddings, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and for just about any reason.

They have high aesthetic value and some of the rings, unless mentioned can easily pass off as diamonds thanks to the quality of the stones being manufactured.  Quality craftsmanship and precision tools and designs add to the value of it.  The designers have a number of flagship stores around the world and their online catalogue is updated with the seasonal trends.  There are other reputed jewellers who sell some of the Ti Sento designs too.  They even offer the pleasure of online shopping for these fashion accessories and this is a very easy and great way to buy. They also authenticate the product making it a perfect choice as a gift.

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